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Iemortal September 22, 2007 06:13

Changes to lib/edit files

so i've been playing Angband a while now. and started working with the lib/edit directory.

is there anywhere where a list of edits can be found?


N:440:& C Bag~
D: Simple, Timeless, and a great place for
D: all your spell books.

i've added some new items like the above to the object.txt

they work, show up as drops ect...

but i want to know how to add the random +'s to the weapon.

it is a sub item of the blunt set. i could not use 21:21:0 so i
skiped ahead to after the artifact 21:50:0

and also where the pval to an object for a flag for WIS or STR come from?

|# 'I' is for basic information. The tval is for the type of item, the
|# sval identifies the subtype and the pval indicates the amount of
|# effect the item has, if applicable (a fixed value: variable pvals
|# are currently hard-coded.)

|* Note that "flags1" contains all flags dependant on "pval" (including
|* stat bonuses, but NOT stat sustainers), plus all "extra attack damage"
|* flags (SLAY_XXX and BRAND_XXX).

How is pval calculated?

i've looked all over the internet for a editing guide to the lib/edit directory with no luck.

anyone have any ideas. Searching the code is a long process.

i've been writing better
##### comments #####
in my .txt files as i learn more but any help would be great.

so far it's alot of trial and error. and a lot of rolling back my version.


will_asher September 23, 2007 05:26

I don't think you can have random +s in the object.txt, you would have to put it is an ego. Any +s (pval) in object.txt are fixed.

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