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eladan July 6, 2021 12:44

Request for 3.0.6 borg
Hello fellow Angband enthusiasts! New forum member here, but I'm a long time player, as the thread title would suggest.

As per title, I'm looking for either the source or windows exe (or linux exe if nothing else shows up - all three would be absolutely phenomenal!) for the 3.0.6 version of Andrew White's APWborg. I've searched high and low on the net, and I've also contacted Andrew directly (he graciously looked through archived material, but without result) and I haven't been able to locate any download for this version, although I've found references to it, so I know it existed. Is anyone out here in oook-land a collector of borgs, or just happens to have a copy of it lying around (maybe in an old backup?) I would be forever grateful.

Why 3.0.6? With absolutely no criticism implied towards the current maintainers (who I think do a wonderful job) it's simply the version I am most familiar with and fond of, and I have a slightly tweaked version I made for myself. It just hasn't seemed worth the hassle to learn a newer variant.

Thanks in advance for anyone who goes searching - I truly appreciate the time anyone spends on this, even if it turns up empty.

Nick July 6, 2021 13:08

This directory has 3.0.9; I'll keep looking.

Sky July 6, 2021 13:11

ugh ..

so, IIRC the borg was a program that would play Angband for you, right?
Which is an extremely specific thing to want and probably not code you would need 20 years later.

The 3.0.6 release itself (which is what i started on :p) is here
but otherwise i suspect anything else related to this is lost to the fog of time.

eladan July 6, 2021 13:26

@Nick - thanks, yep, I'm aware of the 3.0.9 version. Unfortunately my coding is too poor to attempt to edit that code to downgrade to a 3.0.6 version (if there is even the info available that would make that feasible.)

@Sky - yeah, pretty much. It's mostly for my amusement (but then, isn't that why we play Angband anyway? ;) ) As to whether it's lost or not, I'm not without hope - I have found the borg for 3.0.5, for instance, so age is not the ultimate determinant of availability.

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