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davemcwish June 4, 2020 00:22

macOS compiling for dummies
Hi all,

Since 4.1.3 I've not been able to get the pre-puilt binares to run on Mojave or Catalina. 4.2.0 didn't load and 4.2.1 just generates the menu structure.

I had thought 'well how easy would it be to build my own?' given the command line tools are installed and I know my way around git (from my day job); no I've not a developer let alone one that knows anything about package building in C.

I got as far as trying to do the make, by following this, but it seems to be missing the osx specific makefile. If I leave out the suffix I get:-


$ make -f Makefile
Makefile:2: mk/ No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `mk/'.  Stop.

looking into the UNIX build doesn't help either


sh ./
*info* running aclocal (-I m4)
./ line 38: aclocal: command not found
*error* aclocal failed. (exit code = 127)

I'm sure they'll be lots who know the obvious answer so could anyone help ?

Nick June 4, 2020 00:38

I think you've missed the

cd src
from those instructions. If you run

make -f Makefile.osx
from the src directory, you should end up with an in your top level directory; if you run

make -f Makefile.osx dist
you should get a .dmg file like the ones that get distributed (I know this works, because I had to do it to build the .dmg for 4.2.1 because I messed up the autobuild...).

Let me know if you still have difficulties.

davemcwish June 4, 2020 21:56

Thanks. I was being a bit thick last night.

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