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sygoomei February 15, 2009 09:28

The status of Sangband
Hello everyone!

This is my first post on the forum! Yay!

I've been playing Sangband ever since leaving The Dungeons of Moria, oh... 10 years ago? I've played dozens of versions ranging from one of the original sites (yellow background) through some of Leon's latest installments and on through runegold's version from... 2k6 or 7.

There was a release in May 2k6 I think with upgrades from 16 colours to 256 and a slieu of bug-fixes. I *think* there was a release about a year later with a few more bug-fixes and I *think* (it's hard to recall... I have, oh... 7 copies of sangband on my computer?) I have that one as well--a windows version at least.

Well Runegold has been down for a VERY long time. There have been intermittent outtages in the past; but by now I assume the site is dead for good. Runegold's version is by far my favourite to date, and I wonder if anyone has continued supporting that version of the game.

If not, I wonder what other versions of Sangband--of which there appears (in a google search) to be a few--are comparable, and/or still being supported.

My brother has been studying the Ur civilisation and I was reviewing some notes when I came across the city of Uruk, when I suddenly had the urge to enter my dear old caverns again. I've only ever made it to around lvl 80-86 before I get cocky and die, but one day... one day


RogerN February 15, 2009 12:20

The most recent bug fixes for Sangband were done by camlost. His changes are available here:
camlost's Sangband page

camlost February 16, 2009 00:08

The "Runegold" version that you mention is maintained by Leon Marrick. Unfortunately, Leon has a well documented tendency to disappear for extended periods of time. The most up to date version is available at the above-mentioned site. There is a "bug-fix" only version for those who prefer that sort of thing, and a version that contains game-play changes as well.

sygoomei February 16, 2009 04:17

Cool, thanks to both of you! So, from which version are you working from Camlost? Leon's 1.0 or did you update a previous version to your own 1.0?

camlost February 16, 2009 15:44

My development is based off of Sangband 1.0, which was written by Leon. Hopefully, when Leon returns, he will incorporate most or all of that code into the next version.

CJNyfalt February 16, 2009 17:17

Well, if you're planning to update your versions, here are some bug/tweaks you could add:
- monster1.c: describe_monster_spells: One of the RF6_DARKNESS lines
should be RF6_CURSE.

- defines.h: SCREEN_WID is unused and can be removed.

- monster.txt: Bat of Gorgoroth is missing FLYING flag.

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