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PaulBlay July 2, 2009 11:49

RogueBasin status.
As some of you may know I have become increasingly worried that RogueBasin lacks interested people with admin-level access and sufficient time to maintain it. I intend no offence to the providers of the domain name and hosting, but it seems like the people with the time don't have the access, and the people with the access don't have the time. :confused:

There are currently discussions underway about the situation and I encourage people interested in supporting this vital information source to take an active part in them.

[EDIT] Can't believe I didn't spot the typo in the title before. :o

PaulBlay July 2, 2009 13:32

Well it looks like all will be well. :)

Nolendil July 2, 2009 14:33


Originally Posted by PaulBlay (Post 21386)
all will be well

Except this:

my now abandoned mobile RL Dweller
That RL depleted my phone batteries more often than phone calls ^^

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