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Grotug May 17, 2018 01:14

YASD HT/W Ironman
My @ that waffled on what to drop (the branding melee weapon or artifact (x)bows) died to lack of FrAct deep in the dungeon (!) whoops!

And below is a recent game I with HT/Warrior Ironman that probably would have survived if I thought to eat my mushrooms of emergency (was being hasty).

Orion HT Warrior:

Stats: +6 to DEX, +6 to CON, +8 to STR

Bought 1 iron shot of venom (+2, +4),
27 phase doors
2 !CLW
An average rapier (21.6dpr)
4 food rations
A pint of wine
A wooden torch.

After a short stint banging around on DL1 I hit the stairs with 9 !CLW, 30 ?Phase, 40hp and 2AC.

Level 2 doesn’t last long: I gain 4 hp to 44hp and CL4; Nearly die to an e that paralyzes me; kill it and then hit a trap door with 10hp.

DL3: I encounter no monsters or objects and hit another trap door.

DL4: A Kobold shaman takes me to CL5 and my HP soars to 67. CL6 sees me soar another 23hp to 90hp.

I put on sandals [1, +2] {??} and quaff a !sleep and am momentarily paralyzed.
I hit another trap door and float gently to the next level, removing the {??} from my sandals. I find a dagger (+6, +3) {??} bringing my dam to 29.2 as well as picking up 21 (+2, +8) {??} iron shots. I find a room that looks like a fish and take the nearest stairs.

DL6 3-5 level. I just about clear the level and find nothing of note. I then find in a room I had overlooked gauntlets [3, +9] {??} and as expected, they keep me moving when I quaff another !sleep. Also found 3 !Cure Serious Wounds.

DL7 Start out at the mouth of a kobold pit. I’ve been careful to eat only when I’m weak, and it pays off when a potion of salt water causes me to faint from hunger. 8 rations of food left. Inside the cleared Kobold pit is an ?Acquirement which drops me [2, +3] slow descent boots, a whopping +2AC increase over the sandals. A well timed ?DD takes me to

DL12 9-4 feeling. I find a maul of venom (+13, +6) good for 48.6 venomous and 23.6 vs others. I find the animal pit which I take on. It gives me some trouble and a bit of a scare (tarantulas), but also gains me 3 levels (CL14 to CL17)and costs me 3 ?phase doors. I kill some pseudo dragons and Wormtongue and he drops me poorly enchanted gloves of FrAct. I learn the shots are slay evil.

I explore the rest of the level and run into Sméagol who drops me a lantern.

DL 13 9-6 and 26 phase doors left. I wander about for a bit before coming upon ants pouring out of a hallway; the 9 feeling. I make very short work of the ant pit and they take me to CL20 and 273hp; but the silver ants corrode my AC to 24. In the pit are two tridents (+6, +5), one with poison brand, so I drop the maul and take the 1 extra damage trident. Also here is a lance (+6, +16) of Westernesse that provides SI and some stats.

DL 14; a rubble field doubles up on new finds of a rod of light and 5 !CCW in the same room as the rubble field. Elsewhere found 17 bolts of wounding (+11, +9) and a low AC shield of resistance.

DL15: At the start of the last level I have 46 AC, 10 CCW, 2 rods of light, 8 charges of _curing, 30 phase doors. Found 22 bolts of Lightning (+4, +5). Still no launcher of any kind.

DL16: Kill the cyan unique yeek who dropps me nothing.

DL17: King of the Kobolds dropps me nothing.

DL18: nothing notable

DL19: 7-1 feeling. Phase away from a elven Druid into the 7 room and die in a few turns from confusion and damage, even though I had two mushrooms of emergency. Woops!

Grotug May 17, 2018 03:14

Orion HT Warrior:
Bought 30 phase doors
2 !CLW
An average main gauche (20.6dpr)
5 food rations
two iron shots

DL1: I hit a telport trap, quaff a potion of speed and read a ?Summon monster, easily kill a blubbery icky thing, a centpide and a spotted mushroom. Down a passageway a louse takes me to CL3 and 62hp.

DL2: Not much doing, so I contemplate hitting the stairs before exploring, but decide against it and immediately find another !speed. A few passageways, monsters and a room later another !speed. I kill Grip (CL5, 81hp), but let Fang live as I run away from him for the stairs.

DL3: A room exploding with loues takes some careful whacking away at 3.4 blows per round and I am just able to reign the whole thing in, eradicating all the lice from the center of the room. CL6, 87hp, few more monsters and CL7, 110hp and a ?DD takes me to

DL8: In a 4 chambered special room I find a rod of light and am careless with a room full of cave orcs, but am able to flee from them at 19hp. While fleeing I become faint from hunger, but have enough space to eat before the orcs will be on me. At 47/115hp I come to stairs and need to decide to try to fight the cave orcs with an average main gauche; ?phase door or hit the stairs. Considering the chambers each hold 24 squares, there could be up to 24 cave orcs. I read a ?blessing and start whacking away at them, but the blessing doesn’t last nearly long enough (3 or 4 turns???) I then misclick, and for some reason hitting the comma key wastes a turn (why didn’t it do nothing?) I look at the descriptions of the cave orcs and happily see they are hurt by bright light; I blast them with my rod, and a dark elven warrior also gets hit hard. I try to zap it again forgetting I’m not playing last game and no longer have 2 rods of light, and waste another turn, stumbling forward giving the dark elven warrior first dibs to hit me, taking me to 4hp. I kill him, and frustrated, quaff a !speed to kill the last injured cave orc. I kill him, but there are no more monters, so a !CLW would have been sufficient. A short time later I kill a few more things and reach CL10, 130hp. I pick up a maul which I’ll use for digging.

DL9 I nearly die to a dark elf and a baby dragon, when the baby dragon breathes twice. I pick up 31 arrows of venom (+5, +4) and a lantern. I kill some more things, find some bolts (+2, +4) {??} and hit the stairs. I should mention I have 1 !CLW and have not found any so far.

DL10: I get blinded while fighitng some things, and then paralyzed, but it only lasts a turn. A ?phase door gets stolen, I kill the things, and in the next room get blinded by a black mamba. I remember three UnID’d potions I picked up earlier (one gets stolen) and I am, for some reason, fairly certain it’s going to be !CSW, so I use it to clear my eyes and I am right. A baby red dragon destroys a ?phase door. The brigand steals my rod of light. A scruffy hobbit drops me sandals [1, +0]; my second piece of armor I’ve found thus far, bringing my AC up to a whopping 5. The brigand continues to steal stuff (oil, CSW).

I come into a clutch of hill orcs and trade health for corpses when their leader Grishnakh suddenly appears and I am a bit slow to notice. At 49hp, I become faint from hunger again. The Brigand is one square away coming from the other direction. I ?phase door and eat... no, no I don’t eat. I have no food. I check my messages and see that a rot jelly ate my 4 rations of food. Boy would I love perisstant messages. Messages that last one turn when one turn lasts 1/100th of a second sure is lousy.

I move away from the orcs and await death. I soon come to an acid trap and since my DEX is only 14 I walk on in intentionally, not having turns to spare to try to disarm it and lose another 5hp and a ?phase door and learn the rune of rAcid from my amulet. A dark elven mage confuses me and I must have picked up another !CLW because I have two, one which I quaff to finish him off taking me to CL13, 33/190hp. The cave orcs are one square away but the escape from the room is 3. I make a run for it, losing some skin, and turn to kill a couple cave orcs which goes somewhat to my favor as I don’t lose too much health (ie. I don’t die) in the skirmish. But several turns later paralysis twice and the other cave orcs are nipping at my heels. I have 18hp and am thinking I need to ?phase. I ?phase favorably, kill a blubbery icky thing and try to search a room for food but the orcs are soon here and I escape down another passageway. I round a corner up an adjacent corridor as my health starts falling from near-death. At 10hp I quaff my last CLW and find myself surrounded. I ?phase, run, and grishnakh closes in on my as paralysis loses my advantage. Paralysis again and Grishnakh kills me. Let’s try to remember rot jellies eat my food.

Grotug May 22, 2018 23:17

Orion HT Warrior take 3

In the stores I buy a
(+3, +3) Dagger (29.2dpr)
11 phase doors
2 !CLW
And forgot to buy food with the remaining 12 gold.

DL1: Found two potions that were !speed and killed a few things hasted to reach CL3 before hitting stairs with 46hp.

DL2: picked up another !speed and fell through a trap door.

DL3: Found armor [8, +0] Reached CL5 (75hp) and fell through a trap door.

DL4: A few more baddies takes me to CL7 (102hp) and trying out wands on a half-health gallant nearly gets me killed when the second wand turns out to be haste monster. ?Deep Descent

DL9: Farmer maggot’s dogs nearly kill me when I try to let them live. A green naga drops me a bow of accuracy. A naga drops 6 scrolls of satisfy hunger (yes!) Reach CL9, learn ?Teleportation and hit the stairs.

DL10: Find a lantern. Wormtongue dances around me and I take him to one fleeing *, but throwing sandals and a torch at him don’t finish him off; he touches me and disappears. I bumble through traps every which way I explore and eventually fall through a trap door, not before picking up a ?Teleportation.

DL11: find (+4, +4) bolts. A scout drops a sling (+5, +5). Some wolves try to eat me and nearly do, but ultimately all fall and I reach CL13 and 200hp. I find more bolts and 33 arrows and a cursed lantern of hallucination and steel skin, which I decide to wear for the AC. I easily slaughter hill orcs and Grishnakh drops me nothing. A teleport trap lands me near a reckless attack ring (+3, +3) [-14]

DL13: Found a rod of treasure detection

DL 15 Boldor and his cohorts take me to 36hp and cause me to use a ?phase door (10 left). Orfax drops me 37 AC armor. Some battles later the game crashes. Replayed, but a red h destroys one of my !speeds.

DL17: I find an amulet of inertia (-1) which I wear. An unknown monster (I spent much of this level fighting blind) drops me a lantern of True Sight.

DL19: Gorbag drops me 57AC armor of resistance.

DL22: Quaffed an unknown potion of !*Healing* Lugdush takes me to 71hp before trying to flee and dying because an orc captain prevented him from fleeing. Some Uruks and more orc captains see me to 30hp. Then comes Lugdush’s brother, so it’s =escaping to regen before taking him out. I go into the center square room inside an oval special room and let out a bunch of jackals. Then I go back inside and let them miss at me until I’m at full health. Ugluk takes me to 68hp before fleeing, though I hit him with a few lightning bolts from a wand to soften him up while the jackals prevented him from reaching me.

Even though I haven’t been using my !CLWs I only have 10. I let an Umber Hulk confuse me as I miss away at him. But he isn’t much threat since I’m doing 75.6 dpr (i upgraded one of my =Reckless attacks with a =Dam +6 and my dagger (+3, +3) with a main gauche (+6, +6) on level 20). Neverthless, the confusion is a thing, and I didn’t want to use potions or _curing since I don’t have much of either. Had to “=escape” from a half-orc and priest when I couldn’t kill them confused (and then the priest frightened me). A !CLW and some more time finally wears off the confusion and running down the hallway I meet blink dogs and then coming from behind a Hydra frightens me again. I pray the blink dogs blink me before the hydra eats me as I have no fear removal and I’m trying to save my ?phase doors (I have 12). The fear wears off before any free phasing, and I am able to kill all of the rag-tag company while barely slipping under 100hp. Shagrat falls and also leaves me nothing.

I come across an amulet of searching <+7> and decide to carry it in case I find gloves of FrAct. A find a rod that doesn’t aim and yet doesn’t ID when I use it.

DL25: Not long on DL25 I gain another CL from CL25 (372hp) to CL26 (389hp). I have 4 !Speed (two or three were destroyed by mages). I’m up to 16 ?Phase Doors (another one just got destroyed), 4 ?Teleportation and finally picked up a _Teleportation (9 charges left) on DL23. Just picked up 3 !CCW to take my total to 10. DL25 has a 7-1 feeling and I see a room with 12 objects inside. Probably the 7-1 feeling.... It is a permanent vault.

Fairly amusing that the vault didn’t manage to generate even a remotely useful item according to the rubric. Though it could have FrAct gloves.... I think I will pursue this dangerous vault just to see what the 1 feeling is. Haha. A death quasit inside; I take him to half health before I need to bail due to low health. 6 Teleportation charges remain. The Death Quasit is fast upon me and I teleport away again, this time with a scroll because my health is at 60 due to a pack of thieves keeping me from regenerating HP. The death quasit again surprises me with his swift return and I phase and quaff two serious wound potions and he takes me to 16hp. But he has one * left, so I whack with the understanding that I will not miss outright. He dies. I have 21hp, barely a chance to look at the drops, when something cackles evilly: the pack of thieves have followed me. I drink the last two !serious wounds to free up an inventory slot and to stave off imminent death. There are two summoning traps on either side of me so I will have to remain put until my health is at full again.

I get by the traps and a wereworm and Ibun have me =escaping and teleporting all over the level. I finally clear the vault, leaving Ibun on the opposite end of the level and killing the wereworm at the cost of some exp and AC. Inside the vault is a rod of slow monster and some “good” armors that improve my AC slightly: namely a cloak of stealth [3, +4] <+1> is an improvement over my tattered cloak [1, -1]

DL26: Ring of Dam (+9) and a caestus are welcome finds.

DL 27: Water hounds destroy ?phase doors, not to mention the havoc wreaked on my armor class. An 850hp unique person drops a +2 stealth rDisenchant armor with 22AC so I have to leave it behind cause bad AC.

DL28 Treasure detection reveals two vaults. Having no detection and still rocking the amulet of Inertia (-1), I rush headlong into the first vault. All fall easily, the worst offender being a killer beetle of some kind native to DL30 (yellow). A good enchantment awl-pike defender is useless to me, though. The next vault proves more menacing as Rogrog comes for me before I’ve even entered forcing me to teleport to the other end of the level.

My stack of phase doors continues to go backwards (now twelve), even though I am not using them, though this time not from more water hounds, but rather a Chimera and another fire beetle.

I come back to the vault, this time from below, and impassable rubble blocks Rogrog from getting to me, and so I use my ring of digging to enter the vault from below. Agamantite gives me no trouble and dies easily; then Kavlax shows up, at which point I decide to take a break while I contemplate my options.

Grotug May 23, 2018 09:51

I decide to try to lure Kavlax away from the vault. An Ogre shaman is between me and him, so I figure that will allow me to get a head start on Kavlax. A solid plan, except after only a couple moves, the Ogre Shaman teleports away, leaving Kavlax just a couple squares behind me. I _Teleport.

I could return to the vault from the top and try to lure Rogrog away since he’s much less dangerous. With some luck, I could probably successfully do this with using only one !speed. Also enroute to the top of the vault are stairs....

I head back to the vault from above, and meet Rogrog in a nearby room. I use one of 5 !speed and lure him into the top left corner of the map, just enough distance from the bigger vault below that if I come back to the vault strategically he should stay put. My plan will be to attempt to enter the vault roughly at its mid section and thus go between Kavlax and Rogrog and hope that there isn’t anything else in the vault I cannot deal with. I teleport away from Rogrog and find myself not very far from Kavlax.... I also discover my staff of mapping was destroyed by a Chimera.

I head East and work my way around to the northern route West again. When I reach about the center of the map, I tunnel through into a room I visited earlier so as to approach the vault from its northeastern corner, still south enough from Rogrog (I hope) to not disturb him. I drill through some more walls to avoid going around in my attempt to get into perfect position as quickly as possible to approach the vault.

Grotug May 23, 2018 10:50

I head directly west and blast the rock into mud with my ring of digging. Kim soon appears and at 100+ dam per round, I will easily kill him. I will speed to reduce the disenchantments. I probably should have held onto the rDisench armor as a swap, but didn’t want to play the “what do I drop” game at the time.

Just as Kim is fleeing the sting of my main gauche, Kavlax, (and others) show up. I finish Kim off and contemplate my options.

I think the move is to =escape north and hope he doesn’t breathe. Or maybe ?phase and hope I ?phase north. Or flee, and if he breathes, ?phase, and hope I ?phase north. HMMMMMM. Angband is more fun when taking risks, and anyway, there is no completely safe way of playing this if I want inside the vault. I like my flee and ?phase plan.

Lady Luck is on my side. I put on the ring of escaping and Kavlax munches on me. I flee up the corridor and he follows. I reach the end of the corridor and enter the room, moving Northeast, away from LoS of the corridor. I hear a whooshing roar, but the attack misses me completely. I enter the eastern mouth of the room and am hit by noise, bringing me to 149hp. I read one of my ?teleportations and land in the eastern part of the map which I have already cleared. A perfect escape. Now to take the southern route back to the lower left quadrant of the vault. Still, Kavlax will return shortly after I enter the vault, so not exactly sure how I am going to deal with him.

About 20 squares east of the vault I reconsider my options.... I will return to Kavlax last known location and try to lure him further from the vault in a Northeasterly direction and then Teleport away again and reapproach the vault from the bottom again. The only problem with this plan is I lack detection of any kind, but I do have 3 rods of light.

I decide to put on the “Searching <+7> for the +1 to speed while I approach as well as my =Escaping. I wait in the safety of Knight’s move at the edge of a room, hopping I’m close enough to disturb him. I should have paid attention to his disturb distance. It’s probably 200 feet (which I think is 20 squares). I cannot get him to come to me, even when I dangerously venture down the corridor on the other side of the room. So I head north and come from the south, and he is quickly upon me. The terrain is favorable, though, and I begin to escape again. He breathes chaos, and I forget/don’t realize I’m confused. I try to move away, but move towards him instead, and he breathes frost. I’m down to 68 health, have no !healing, and cannot read ?teleporation. I risk _Teleportation and it works first try. Safe again. Or... relatively so.. a wyvern stings me, or so I am told (I’m hallucinating). I fumble about with my rings, trying to put the correct one back on so I can melee the miscreant. Unfortunately the chaos breath has brought me back to CL27 and 404 max hp. But... Kavlax is right where I want him: at the top of the map. Time to reap the rewards!

I head back to the southern entrance to the vault I had made earlier and put back on my “Inertia <-1>. Sanyhando is the first to meet me, and takes me to 228hp before falling. He drops me a sling of power, which is a fine replacement for a disenchanted short bow of accuracy; and I have been lugging around 58 enchanted sling ‘munitions just for such occasion.

There are some +8 good lightweight armorments to replace damaged ones I’m wearing, but nothing else in the vault (so what is giving the 6 feeling?) I return to see what Kim as dropped me and it’s a halberd <+5> speed 3d5 (+17, +12). At 1.1 blows per round, it does half the damage to others as my main gauche of slay giant, but the halberd has lighting slay which does 74 per round. I will take a break for now, and hopefully won’t forget about Kavlax when I return.

Grotug May 24, 2018 00:55

Disappointing vault to say the least; I did find a staff of detect evil, though.

DL29: ?Acquirement procured an amulet of rSound, rNether, +3 CON, +5 WIS, +1 Light, pBlind, FF on a 5-3 level.

DL30: killed Beorn and Ulfang the Black, but neither improved my situation; and brought me down to only one !speed. The 6-6 level also didn’t provide much; but a !Dexterity and a wand of annihilation, 2 charges.

DL34: Oh look, let me grab those potions before the hounds destroy them. “The potions of speed are destroyed!” Great. A shade drops me a maul (20lb. of Telepathy) which I keep as a swap.

DL35: A Tulwar of Lightning Immunity (+14, +19) 2d4 and a demon slay, which I keep though the uncumberance is probably not worth it.

DL37: I find Law dragon mail and leave it behind because I don’t have a shield of resistance and don’t want to lug around heavy armor for a million levels waiting for another source of resistance (I’ve been lugging around an artifact amulet but can’t seem to find gloves or boots of FrAct). Very next level I find a shield of resistance. :rolleyes:

DL38: A mage destroys two ?Teleportations. I only have one left. Being frightened has been a much bigger problem this game than others since I only have 10 ?phase doors. Only 11,395 exp until I gain fear immunity. I find a ring of FrAct and finally ditch the amulet of Inertia. Find a ring of DEX <+5>. AC is now 101, HP 489 damage to most things still only 115.

I drop the Tulwar of Lightning Immunity because I’m tired of being slow. I eat a firm mushroom of hallucination and start whacking away at a mature multihued dragon (aren’t I not supposed to know what I’m attacking when I’m hallucinating?)

Ready to leave the level, I read an unknown scroll of teleport level.

A Nightmare won’t leave me alone, so I spend over 38,000exp and a bunch of !CSW killing it. It takes me to 46hp; and, as is often the case, gets much more aggressive/successful once it gets me below 120hp.

A restore life levels potion brings me 77 exp from CL30 (up from CL28). Sometimes things work out as hoped.

DL40: Holding onto 38 good bolts (venom/undead) has paid off. DL40, lying on the ground 5-5 level is a fine haradrim, (X4) (+7, +15) <+1> Shooting speed. TYVM. I lost my last ?Teleportation, though.

DL41: I _Teleport away from a sleeping AMHD and land next to a permanent vault. 6-8 feeling.

Grotug May 24, 2018 03:09

I start clearing the vault and teleport away when ibun shows up and my health is at 190. I teleport to where I started and take a few steps and then I hear a wooshing roar and I am hit by something cold and I die.

Grotug May 25, 2018 13:20

Let's try again:

Buy one !Speed from BM.
Buy 2 !CLW
Farmer Maggot drops a shield [12, +5] {??}
I buy 24 ?phase doors and nothing else as doing so leaves me with 0 gold.

DL1 1-4 level. I find a wand of stun monster; otherwise very typical DL1 experiene and I read a ?Deep Descent.

DL6 2-? feeling. CL3 47hp. A rot jelly blocks my way so I drop my food and melee it. It takes me to 10hp before dying (I don't have a weapon) and takes me to CL4 and 67 max hp.

A scout and a gallant take me to CL5, 77hp and his drop increases my !CLW to 10. I starve to death.

New game:

Buy 1 !speed
Buy 2 !CLW
Buy 17 Phase doors
Spend the rest of my money on 10 iron shots (+2, +5) but don’t buy a sling, figuring I’ll find one in the dungeon.

DL1: Gain level 2 and 40hp; ?Deep Descent to DL6 and gain level 3 (67hp). A skeleton kobold gives me a minor scare as my hit points haven’t regenerated. Find a rapier (21.6 dam per round) and 22 iron shots +9, +8 {??} and +12, +5 AC body armor.

Something eats one of my foods (2 left) so I read the other ?Deep Descent I had picked up and kill it while waiting or it to kick in.

DL11: Exploring the level takes me to CL10 and 130hp; none of the fights were dangerous. Find a torch of brightness and 4 shrooms of clear mind.

DL12: have 22AC; I come to some stairs but decide to explore a little. I gain CL11 and come upon nagas and then cave orcs surround me so I ?phase (18 left) but they are faster than me so I run back to the stairs and exit (they brought me down to 10hp).

DL13: I learn the shots are slay animal on a yellow dragonfly. Grima insults my mother, which I’m quite happy about, as I didn’t want to parlay with him.

DL14: I come to stairs and then a trap door and not finding anything interesting nearby decide to take the stairs.

I have a run in with someone frighteningly familiar: I recognize him from my high school biology class. My rapier reduces the animated human skeleton’s bones to ruin and takes me to CL12. Next I come upon more snagas and cave orcs again and they fall very easily as I am at full health. Find -Curing, -Treasure detection and good arrows. Find an average long bow.

DL15: down to 1 ration of food; level is a 9 -? feeling. Some animals give me a scare and I let a warg take my health too low while meleeing him and I die.

New game:

Farmer maggot drops me 3, +1 {??} gauntlets. I buy a dagger (+2, +2) good for 25.8 dam per round and two !CLW and 19 ?phase doors.

DL1: I kill Fang which takes me to CL4 and 77hp. I consider taking the stairs but decide to explore a little and immediately come to a large room with 4 rations of food! I hit the stairs.

DL2: Stairs

DL3: 2-4 feeling; I fall through a trap door.

DL4: I get blinded for a really long time and have to fight a bunch of things blind, but it all turns out fine. A trap summons a metallic centipede, a cave orc, Brodda and an invisible thing that reduces my wisdom. Brodda’s rapid damage output forces me to ?phase (23 left) to the bottom of a large oval room; I kill the orc and send the centipede fleeing. When Brodda reaches me I have to ?phase again to the top of the room and run to generate. I run away and turn to fight him but it’s fairly futile. I have to stumble through a confusion trap to get away from Brodda, but it uses two !CLW (2 left) to cure the confusion. After running away a lot I finally kill him and have 18 ?phase doors left. He drops me 32, +6 Steelskin Armor, which brings my AC from 6 to 64.

DL5: 2-4 feeling. Potions of sleep confirm my gloves’ free action. I find some {ego} arrows and an average short bow.

The Brodda fight:

Estie May 26, 2018 10:21

Why on earth were you doing all this "weak" ? The eventual fainting almost did you in, and lowered str isnt ideal either for the fight.

wobbly May 26, 2018 10:35

What do you do about illusionists? I never find FA or detect evil before they show.

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