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Nick June 3, 2020 11:40

Angband 4.2.1
Angband 4.2.1 is now available for Windows, macOS and as source. It can be downloaded from Github or, and played at

This version is maybe best described as consolidating the big changes made in version 4.2.0. Again, there are too many individual changes to list, so this is a summary.
  • percentage combat is refined to become an actually playable option
  • improvements to throwing
  • update to town generation
  • a major update to the new blackguard class
  • several tweaks to the other new classes
  • many improvements to the MacOS front-end particularly, but also others
  • improvements to tiles
  • addition of fancy color-cycling of monsters
  • configurability of character sheet
  • inclusion of some new, rare level types
  • experimental Windows curses and SDL2 console ports added
  • many small bugs fixed and quality-of-life improvements made

Thanks to everyone who helped in getting this version done. Enjoy!

DavidMedley June 3, 2020 14:06


DavidMedley June 3, 2020 14:08

How do you configure the character sheet?

DavidMedley June 3, 2020 14:09 doesn't have 4.2.1 listed as an option yet

Kusunose June 3, 2020 14:21 is not updated yet as well.

Nick June 3, 2020 22:21


Originally Posted by DavidMedley (Post 146017)
How do you configure the character sheet?

There are some instructions in ui_entry.txt; it's quite complicated.


Originally Posted by DavidMedley (Post 146018) doesn't have 4.2.1 listed as an option yet



Originally Posted by Kusunose (Post 146020) is not updated yet as well.

Also true.

Sky June 4, 2020 01:29

Darkmode tiles?

Nick June 4, 2020 02:03


Originally Posted by Sky (Post 146031)
Darkmode tiles?

Yes indeed :)

Cuboideb June 4, 2020 15:26

Yesterday I noticed a couple of things about the Shockbolt tileset. Mithril Bolts are invisible.

Makar and Measse tiles are cut. I think this one is difficult to fix, because their tiles are outside the zone of the double size tiles, mixed with single size tiles.

Bill Peterson June 4, 2020 19:54

Are the Shockbolt Darkmode lovers really happy with floor tiles being dead black? I've long favored the Gervais tiles but I do admire the extra realism and detail of the Shockbolt tiles and would like to give them a fair try. Lightmode, particularly the floor, looks like desert and doesn't give me an Angbandy feeling. Darkmode looks better except for the floor tiles, I would think that a darker version of the Lightmode tiles, or a gray, would be better.

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