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Gwarl September 17, 2019 23:03

Comp 223
Most of our half-orcs didn't make it, so we're going to see how well Morgoth's latest dungeon holds up against Dwarves.

Angband 4.2.0 Dwarf Priest competition is up

Ingwe Ingweron September 18, 2019 01:13

Why is there never a starting save file? It would resolve the problem of making sure birth options are set correctly, and would give everyone a perfectly level playing field with identical town setups, as rebirth doesn't count, every start has to be from the savefile.

Gwarl September 18, 2019 13:24

I dislike the savefile format for a number of reasons, such as savefiles containing various interface options and in some variants monster memory or artifact memory where applicable which are annoying to have to reset, and the fact that you get the same RNG seed every time so pressing > immediately gives you the same first dungeon level every time and doing a little waltz gets you another same first level if you do the same exact waltz again.

Besides disliking it, it was incredibly fiddly to use savefiles for competitions on and all that code has been lost and broken in cleanups and refactorings long ago now. Eventually I'd like to integrate the competition with and I don't want to spend a lot of time on a placeholder solution for savefiles when the other placeholder solution, no savefiles, is my preference and far less work.

malcontent September 30, 2019 07:36

Did 4.2 change how stat gain potions work - in that they sometimes have zero effect ??? Maybe less likely to increase the stat as the stat gets higher?

DrWho42 September 30, 2019 11:26

i used to love playing as dwarves. good luck everyone!

Ingwe Ingweron September 30, 2019 18:51

Arin II arrived at DL 100 for the final fight. As he was wielding ‘Deathwreaker’, all sorts of things woke up, and he saw a ton of wall-eating monsters, undead spread out too far for destruction. He rushed up some nearby stairs, then located another down stair to get a different milieu. This time, he landed near two pits, one full of Greater Demons and the other with Ancient Red Dragons. Morgoth wasn’t near, so Arin easily took care of the pits by reading a scroll of Destruction, creating the terrain for the final battle. He used a few charges from a stave of Banishment to clear any stragglers and get rid of any charges that could have been drained by Morgoth for healing.

Arin sensed Morgoth coming, quaffed a potion of Speed and potion of Berserk Strength, and had already buffed with Blessing, Heroism, and Protection from Evil. He slowed Morgoth with a Rod of Slow Monster, casted a Glyph of Warding to stand on, and battle was joined!

I was going to do Compubox Numbers about the fight, but crashed the game after the win. Gwarl restored the game, but the majority of the message history was lost, so I was unable to reconstruct a blow-by-blow account. Luckily, I had already grabbed the file and posted the win to the comp ladder.

The battle took place in the destructed area, with TO of Morgoth and Destruction in between to clear out baddies, as Arin didn’t want to waste all of his precious Mass Banishment or limited TO resources. Only TO’d monsters that absolutely had to be gotten rid of, and let others crowd around as they might, being careful to ensure they couldn’t breathe or cast anything that might result in an unfortunate “double-blow” insta-death when added to Morgoth’s attacks. When they became too overwhelming, Morgoth was TO’d and another destruction wiped the field clean. Arin had to always be conscious of keeping at least one TO rod in reserve for just such occasions. A combination of enhanced melee with Deathwreaker and Spear of OromŽ spells, with phase doors to heal and recast a glyph as necessary, and Morgoth went down in the third round.

Playing on with a small audience for the final battle made the comp even more fun. Looking forward to the next “lightning round” 4.2.0 comp. What will Gwarl come up with next?

bron October 1, 2019 01:33

You actually got Slow Monster to work on Morgoth ???? I never have any of those status effects (slow, stun, confuse) ever work on anything that actually matters, so I stop carrying things like that once I reach stat gain. This actually works for you? Are the Rods maybe better than the Wands or something?

malcontent October 1, 2019 02:58

I watched Ingwe defeat Morgoth on with a rogue once. It was very educational to see Morgoth get both slowed and stunned, and see him fail to cast spells a few times.

malcontent October 1, 2019 03:02

Also, tacking on to my post on the competition/ladder... My current character is the first one I have ever had a potion of stat gain have zero affect. Literally - quaff potion, no stat gain, no message indicating "you feel more XXX now". Just the message "You see no more potions of gain Wisdom". I was wondering if this was a bug, or if it is actually possible in the current game dynamics.

Derakon October 1, 2019 04:05

I assume you weren't yet at the cap for that stat?

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