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Gwarl October 31, 2019 14:30

Comp 226
New competition, High Elf Necromancer

bron October 31, 2019 17:11

Has anyone played a Necromancer before? Any generic advice to get started?

wobbly October 31, 2019 17:51

Nick October 31, 2019 19:59

Oh man, just when I was getting some development done...

DavidMedley November 4, 2019 17:49

I know this has been addressed before, but I'd really like to compete on this one, and here is my concern:

I don't believe the "honor system" is being upheld for many of these scores. So, is it just accepted that scores include unlimited scumming? What about two "Hall of Fame" lists - one for local systems and one for Or at least a mark or a filter for this?

Bostock November 4, 2019 17:53

I wouldn't be too quickly skeptical of amazing scores. Some people are just amazingly good at the game.

DavidMedley November 4, 2019 18:03

I agree it's possible these scores are fair, and impossible to say which are unfair. But if we could easily compare local scores with Live scores it would give some insight.

DavidMedley November 4, 2019 18:10

Poker world is being rocked by a cheating scandal right now. Here's one of a mililon videos about it:

Sideways November 4, 2019 18:37

It would be nice to see the super-fast players on (or video); so that others could learn from them (and Nick could watch them break the game), if for no other reason. Keep in mind, though, that players with non-English keyboards (like Estie) may experience some headaches playing V on

(I tried this just now, and it seems less problematic than it used to be; but it could vary from keyboard to keyboard, so I'm not sure if it's improved for everybody or just me. It was definitely very bad when Estie last tried to play live.)

Derakon November 4, 2019 18:51

The amount of effort spent on catching cheaters should be commensurate with the amount of harm caused by cheating. The competitions are zero-stakes, all that you stand to gain is some degree of recognition, and all that you stand to lose is a chance at that same recognition. I'm not saying that people won't cheat, but if they do...does it really matter?

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