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chris November 30, 2015 15:16

[Announce] PosChengband 4.0.0 Released
Files are in the usual place. There is also a patched 3.5.1 version that just fixes the Draconian Polymorph bug (sorry about that).

4.0.0 should be considered beta, as any X.0.0 release. It also breaks savefiles, so you'll need to finish up your current characters on 3.5.0 or 3.5.1. before upgrading.

There have been many, many changes for this release, almost 400 commits in fact. But most changes have focused on the Help files and various UI improvements (For example, there are window options for the Monster and Object Lists).

I apologize in advance for any bugs ... I changed a lot of code for this release. I'll try to do better at keeping up with bug reports, but without internet access, this is difficult.


debo November 30, 2015 16:17

!!! So excited !!!

krazyhades November 30, 2015 17:43

Whoo! Splat life here I come!

nikheizen November 30, 2015 19:10

Is there an option for "legacy" sidebar settings?
Also note that this was your 666th post. Ominous.

HugoTheGreat2011 November 30, 2015 20:31

The new 4.0.0 release looks cool, especially the revamped documentation. I have to say, the right-sided stats was a genius move. With the gameplay field more in the left sided part of the screen, we're using more of our right-brains to see the vivid battle imagery taking place. Furthermore, this is in fact the first variant in the history Angband that has the stats on the right side of the screen! A genius move on chris's part, no question!! :)

I found quite a few major screenshot bugs as follows. And I'm wondering if anyone had encountered some of these bugs as follows:

As of 4.0.0, Options menu > HTML Dump no longer saves screenshots!

Workaround: Apparently, the '|' and ')' commands are used for making screenshots (but in different ways) in PosChengband 4.0.0. I don't know if these were the case before in the pre-4.0.0 days.

The '|' command has some limitations. I can use it to make screenshots of some things, but not others. e.g., I can use it to make screenshots of Wanted Monsters and the Character Sheet of a Possessor character. But, I can't use the '|' command to make screenshots of my current inventory ('i') or equipment ('e'). The '|' command is broken too because I can't use it to make screenshots of the actual gameplay (a very important function of the '|' command!!!!)... and when I use it to make a screenshot of a Wanted Monster list (i.e., ~w), the output file (i.e., HTML screenshot) is not properly formatted and therefore, cannot upload it to our Screenshots gallery!! This issue occurs with ~q and maybe with other parts of the "Display current knowledge" command ('~') as well as other in-game parts.

Well, the ')' command can be used for gameplay screenshots, but it won't always capture gameplay messages at the top of the screen (which the ')' command should be able to capture and screenshots would normally be captured with Options menu > HTML Dump [if this was working in 4.0.0!!!]). It captures only part of the messages of interactions between monsters and players/monsters.

I'm wondering if the disabling of the Options menu > HTML Dump or disallowing of the '|' command in some areas was intentional or not? :/

I think I might have to stick with 3.5.1 until these big screenshot bugs are fixed...Alternatively, I'll be using Microsoft Paint to track certain events as needed (i.e., where i normally used Options menu > HTML Dump in the pre-4.0.0 days)

And there, here's another potential issue:
The 'every five levels' stat gain choices prompt now block out the current stats as you make the choice...makes it a bit more difficult to track what was the exact stat for bookkeeping purposes. If this is to be fixed in the future, keep the stats on the right side as is.

[Sorry for the long message. I'm editing this message as I test out 4.0.0 more]

Nonetheless, thanks for the big update!

getter77 November 30, 2015 23:52

Always good to see that forward progress!

poschengbandplayer December 1, 2015 09:54

THANK YOU : D I really appreciate this new release,it looks shiny : D

Bacon December 2, 2015 06:13

Great release as usual!
Here's some minor nitpicks :D

Both in the monster select menu and regular race select menu there's a category for Orc/Troll/Giant even though there's no Orc or Half-Orc available. Maybe I'm the only one bothered by this to be honest. :p

Also, some skills like Samurai's Concentration and Blue Mage's Learning lacking a description feels really weird in my opinion.

pav December 2, 2015 08:21

For the next dot-release, regarding the HTML Chardumps. If you could steal the header and metatags from NPP 8.0 HTML Chardumps, that would allow Oook to accept them.

HugoTheGreat2011 December 2, 2015 17:10


Originally Posted by pav (Post 106898)
For the next dot-release, regarding the HTML Chardumps. If you could steal the header and metatags from NPP 8.0 HTML Chardumps, that would allow Oook to accept them.

Tell that to chris in PM ;)

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