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Riun March 10, 2009 17:18

Bug! Teleport level works in ironman

I've been playing the game for a few months. I started with version 3.0.9 i think, and now get the svn everyonce in a while to get the new improvements. It's all very good work and very fun to try each new version =)

I've been playing mostly ironman, and word of recall and up staircases don't work, but i noticed teleport level does work in the latests svn versions ( i don't know how it was in previous versions because i never found any teleport level in earlier versions ..).

I don't really mind because it makes my games a bit easier .. but i just mention so you know =)



Pete Mack March 10, 2009 17:40

Teleport Level only works in one direction (down.) Same for create stairs. Don't try to use teleport level on dl 99 as an escape, because it won't work there.

Riun March 10, 2009 17:50

Oh ok, thanx for the quick reply
but then there's still a bug cos it worked at least once upward ..
would a savefile taken after it happened help in anyway? (i don't have any yet but can try to get one ..)

also in the book, the spell description says it has no effect when the option to restrict the use of stairs is set .. maybe it should specify it works only downward ..

Riun March 10, 2009 23:26

actually the only time i noticed upward was when i read the unIDed scroll.

hope it can help ..

Riun March 19, 2009 16:58

I've noticed it's fixed in the new versions.

Now nothing happens and the book says nothing will happen.

Thanks Takkaria

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