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Susramanian February 26, 2010 17:21

A warning of opinions to come!
Greetings from a very long time lurker. I first discovered Moria in about 1990, and played for a year or two until my joyous discovery of Angband. I never looked back. I've played off and on since then, and enjoyed every minute of it. It's heartwarming to see that such an ancient game still enjoys very active development and a devoted online community. I've paid less attention to the various forums and communities than the game itself, but I've kept abreast of most of what's going on.

I actually haven't played Vanilla Angband through since I first found Zangband back in the late nineties. At least, I hadn't until a couple weeks ago with the 3.1.2 release. I was extremely impressed
with its level of polish and even more pleased with the obvious willingness of you various developers to incorporate new features and content. For the first time maybe thirteen years, I didn't get bored and go looking for more interesting variants. And now that I've beaten Vanilla again, I find myself going back to my favorite variants and badly missing the modern conveniences of Vanilla.

Development seems to be racing along on Vanilla and several variants, so I thought I'd finally break my silence and give some input. My brain is full of about twenty years worth of Angband impressions, opinions, and wish lists, and I'll be dredging it for things I think are actually worth posting.

To start with, here are my top three enjoyment-enhancing Angband discoveries over the years:

1) Playing without backup save files.
2) Variants.
3) Macro/inscription tricks.

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