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Nick March 10, 2012 12:20

Competition 119
Competition 119 is now available from the competition page - it is an Angband 3.3.2 Half-Orc Priest.

Note that comp 118 has about 8 hours to run.

Jay March 26, 2012 04:28

Has this dagger turned up for anyone else? Check out that damage. (And of course we're playing as priests.)

The Dagger 'Halebrim' (11d4) (+6, +14) [+9] <+2>
+2 DEX
Slays undead
Provides resistance to acid, cold, sound
Grants the ability to see invisible things

I don't have stats maxed yet but with 3.7 blows per round, it does 401 damage to undead.

Jay March 26, 2012 04:50

Ah, just checked the ladder -- looks like other people have found it, too. There are some really sweet randarts in this game.

Nick April 4, 2012 15:19

Competition 119 is now officially finished - congratulations to bron for winning, and to ranger jeff and Jay for game wins.

bron April 4, 2012 18:07

It's nice to finally win one. My play style is usually too slow for competitions, although I have been getting a bit faster over time. That said, I would not have finished first had not both ewan and Gorbad run into problems right near the end.

Thanks for doing the work to keep these competitions running.

ewan April 5, 2012 04:44

Too modest, bron :). That was an excellent and speedy game-win, fully deserved to win the comp. Kudos.

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