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Sideways August 27, 2021 00:27

Grab the Silmaril and run for it - unspoiled...

Holy_Rage has succeeded in prying a Silmaril from the iron crown of Morgoth, dark oppressor of the Elves; but will he manage to escape the pits of Angband, not knowing what horrors may lay in wait? Or will he meet an unexpected enemy at the gate...?

Pete Mack August 27, 2021 02:36

Epic! Soo many troll guardians.

Sideways August 28, 2021 01:15

Up now: what happens when the strongest class meets the strongest monsters?
Tourist vs. Resurrection Machine

Sideways October 20, 2021 18:48

MITZE asked for pointers on loscheese; so here's a very safe Morgoth fight, FAangband-style.

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