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Pete Mack May 9, 2021 11:19

I used to think Bejeweled was a brilliant video game.
but now I hate it, because it has led to a million imitators, all of whom seem to think that yet another "puzzle-based" game is worth writing and, alas, worth advertising. I mean, if you want to use puzzles to advance, why not (real) crosswords, or something else actually interesting? (By real I mean: uses clever clues, not just definitions.)

Mondkalb May 10, 2021 11:31

I like Puzzle Quest, which I first encountered on Nintendo DS. There were two more of the kind - Galactrix and Kingdoms.
Later on they came out for Windows, too.
I find it intriguing how they managed to come up with ever more variations of the simple principle and combined it with rpg elements.

Of the newer kind, Clockmaker is another Bejeweled clone that I play every now and then on my tablet. It can be kind of frustrating on the higher level maps, but they add so much stuff and free power ups and so on that I get over the hardest levels eventually.
It could be a money sink, but it don't has to be. :)

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