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Grotug December 20, 2018 16:40

The Sorceror curses terribly! (an idea)
The Sorceror curses terribly!
Your blue dragon armor is now cursed!

You inspect your armor to see that it now has (??) on it.

Maybe monsters that curse could actually curse your equipment? Maybe this should be relegated to only a very select few monsters like Maeglin or Fundin? or Sauron? I dunno, just an idea I had while playing Angband just now.

Derakon December 20, 2018 16:45

ZAngband implemented this, though of course this was back in the days when the only curses were sticky curses, so the only effect was that you couldn't unequip the item until you'd found a Remove Curse scroll. I don't know how much tactical depth it added to the game, but it did make for the occasional curveball that the player would have to deal with, which is good.

I think my main concern with importing it to Vanilla is how it would interact with the fragility rules.

wobbly December 20, 2018 22:00

Yeah so that made it from Z into PCB and ilk. If you want to see how it plays there you don't have to get far (orc shamans, novice priests etc.). I enjoy the asthetic though it's an extra hassle removing curses all game. I'm not convinced it makes a huge difference play-wise but I find it fun and it can catch you out. Of course the curse system is not the same.

Grotug December 20, 2018 22:48

I was thinking it'd be a somewhat rare occurrence. Lower level monsters would probably have weaker curses, and only the top uniques would have a good chance to score a curse strength above, say, 60.

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