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Mechapede April 17, 2020 23:52

Barely played Sil - should I migrate to Sil-Q right away?
Hey folks!


Is there any reason to remain on Sil with Sil-Q out there?


MicroChasm April 18, 2020 04:16

Someone else will give you a better answer later I'm sure, since I am also pretty new to Sil. But my understanding is that Sil-Q isn't a huge rewrite of the original Sil, rather, it is a continuation of the effort to improve and tighten the design. Things that weren't working have been removed or reworked, and interesting additions have been made. I went straight to Sil-Q myself.

If you want a very detailed list of changes you can read the Sil-Q manual, which is focused on outlining how Sil-Q changes the original game.

wobbly April 19, 2020 13:22

I think its worth doing the whole song of slaying in the centre of the throne room thing, classic Sil has at least once. Whether you do that after winning Sil-q is up to you. I mostly prefer Sil-q though I think the early stealth game was harder in the original so thats nice to do for a challenge.

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