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tangar May 5, 2021 08:31

[need info] List of variants based/up-to-date with current V

I wanna gather list of variants which are based or up-to-date with current (4.x) vanilla Angband ( ).

Because then it's very easy to port features from this variants from one to another as they will be more or less compatible one to another.

Eg most of variants atm based at 3.x which got quite different code structure. Recently I've ported Charisma stat from 3.4.1 to my variant - it wasn't too hard (though I'm rookie), but it will be much faster to get it from another up-to-date variant :) Why to invent a bycicle if someone already implemented such functional? Better to concentrate at new features!

Where this info will be stored?
I've added color mark in Angband variants table - 'Green means that variant is up-to-date with Vanilla'. So you need simply look over the list to find up-to-date variants.

So far there:

Please post new entries in this topic and I'll add them. Thanks for your contribution! :)

Nick May 5, 2021 13:21

The new FAangband is - it's ot version 2.0 yet, but there's a beta and development builds.

tangar May 6, 2021 06:37

Thanks :) Added!

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