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Grotug March 27, 2020 02:57

Shiny Dragon scales in the early game
On DL15 Ufthak drops shining scale-mail of craftmanship [36, +17] damage 200. I was about to leave the level when I see the feeling 4-8 so I venture forth and soon find average Green Dragon scale mail armor (-2) [20, +10] damage 150. Shortly after on DL18 I kill Orfax who drops (-2) [45, +11] Multihued dragon scale mail armor damage 250. Granted it has some curses (prevents teleportation), but still, 3 powerful dragon armors one after the other. :eek: I didn't bother to see if the curses are removable because I'm sticking with the shining armor for now.

Grotug March 29, 2020 18:28

This game continues to go swimmingly. A mage dropped a ring of Free Action, rPois, Telepathy, <+5> STR <+1> CON, rLite, and rDark. A trap-summoned mummified troll dropps the Ranger's second book. And Ulfang the Black drops a journeyman artifact launcher with +2 Speed.

So @ crash dives 15 dungeon levels to go dragon hunting:

Mostly smooth sailing even much deeper down, but an Ethereal Dragon reminded me who is boss around the 27 minute mark.

This dragon hunting business might be a better idea with slightly better hitpoints. Kavlax very nearly offs me near the 15 minute mark:

Overly ambitious little Hobbit Ranger gets more than he bargained for trying to take down Saruman after continuing to dive to DL60. Are our hero's days numbered?:

Grotug April 2, 2020 13:09

When our ambitious little Hobbit Ranger finds a Lorien Long Bow of Annihilation

'a Long Bow of Lothlórien (x5) (+20,+25) <+4, +2>
Found lying on the floor in a vault at 4400 feet (level 88)

+4 dexterity.
+2 shooting power.
Cannot be harmed by Acid, Fire.
Grants telepathy. Prevents paralysis'

he dives quickly to DL98 where he luckily finds suitable arrows for winning the game. He then jumps down to DL99 where Sauron dissolves under a rapid barrage of seeker arrows of acid about as quickly as he has ever fallen in terms of real time.

I then didn't bother returning to town to get three *healing* potions (I had no Life potions) but instead figured regular healing potions would be enough to deal with Morgoth. I didn't have any deep dungeon utility scrolls but did have a staff of banishment. I ended up using one solitary healing potion in the whole fight:

The whole video: (basically @ takes down a bunch of deep uniques on his way to Sauron)

Fight #1:

Fight #2:

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