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rjhii September 26, 2009 07:52

V3.1.1 which weapon?
I just found Ringil, first time ever. Assuming I'm not missing any resists, or I have no other weapon that grants them, is there any reason not to use it? I have Eonwe, which +2 all stats is super nice. I'm already at speed +16.


Sirridan September 26, 2009 12:09

Ringil, the 10 speed is worth it, even at base 16, heck that means you can switch out some speed gear and move other things around. But always keep Eonwe, the activation is very nice. Depending on your other gear, the speed on Ringil can open up a speed ring slot for a ring of power, which would grant you stats and other nice goodies (damage / immunity / telepathy not on a helm).

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