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Grax September 30, 2020 16:50

what to build when going for smithy build
New player deepest is 350, lots to learn.

I tried making some smithy builds and going up to get guarateened forge.

I had armor smith, jewelry, and enchantment.

I made +2 smithing glvoes.

I made the lighter of the mails and made it protection.

I made a proection cloak so I could have something that was all positves not negatives.

Any suggestiosn on what I should be making?


Svalbardcaretaker October 25, 2020 23:02

Hey, forge starts are as varied as the game itself. Some pointers:

12 smithing total: super heavy in on smithing, makes depth:50 pretty hard but allows with jewellry 2x 1d2 rings of protection + amulet of regen. Or just armoursmith for great mundane armour.

10 smithing: allows with armour+enchantment to forge +2 gloves of the forge, boosting you to 12 smithing for the next items.

8 smithing: 2x1d1 rings of protection+regen. In about this range, I forget exact numbers, are also weapon+ench for: defender greatsword + evasion skill "parry" which is a very solid melee start. And if you want to go crit builds, a spear with -1lbs reduced weight for a total of 2lbs is also about 8 smithing. The greatsword is better for high STR builds, low STR indicates a crit build in this scenario.

A word on paths+egos: jewellry+ench don't work well together, you can only enchant lights. Armour+ench are great but mundane armour works very well anyway. weapon+ench go well together as well, use your3x forge uses for a main weapon, a stat bow (marchwardens) and a digger.

Hope this helps and happy crawling!

Infinitum October 25, 2020 23:45

Vanilla? If you insist on using the 100 forge, 4 smithing and +1 evasion/accuracy rings and a jewel lightsource. Don't put any additional points in smithing until you reach 950'. Try to hoard some Staffs of Revelations/Recharging in order to find forges, and whatever gear you find whilst descending. Save any mithril you find, and feel free to make 2 Feanorian Lamps and whatever cursed equipment you can afford for ID purposes, but otherwise don't stress not getting to utilize every forge fully. If you find a bunch of smithing gear and mithril feel free to pay up the 8k xp or so to get a masterpiece artifact to round out your gear once you're prepping for the throne room.

The power curve for smithing is U-shaped, and the difficult part of Sil is the midgame. Pure smith is very much a challenge build.

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