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PowerDiver April 10, 2009 10:13


Originally Posted by geoff_tewierik (Post 17653)
Met a disenchant mould down at 1900', dropped everything and got Gorlim back to 0. Went back to town and ?EnchArmour and uncursed Gorlim on the first scroll. Couldn't remove it though. Read another scroll and made it +2 and still couldn't remove it.

Will track down a ?*RemCurse and see how that goes.

If it says "uncursed" and does not come off, you need a new executable with the bug fixed. That scroll won't help. Another alternative is maybe someone can walk you through the steps to get rid of it using wizard mode if you don't mind having your savefile marked as a cheater.

geoff_tewierik April 10, 2009 10:34

Not keen on the wizard mode, unless as a last resort, but if it's a bug, then I can live with that.

Will try a new executable first. I assume the latest nightly update would suffice?

Thanks for the advice.

Pete Mack April 10, 2009 17:42

It's a bug, and you probably need to fix it by hand, either by wizard mode or with the debugger.

geoff_tewierik April 12, 2009 04:51

No need to wrorry about it anymore.

Got nailed by the Balrog today.

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