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EpicMan December 6, 2017 17:20

Anyone player Dominions?
EDIT: Ugh, misspelled thread topic. Should be "played" but I cannot edit the thread title.

Has anyone played any of the Dominions games? Dominions 5 was released a little over a week ago, and I have been having a blast with it. I have yet to join a multiplayer game but I hope to start soon.

If you're not familiar, it's a grand strategy game where you control a local god of a fantasy nation trying to become the chief god after the previous one disappeared. The nations are largely drawn from ancient mythology, with some random Lovecraft and generic fantasy thrown in for good measure.

Check it out - it is really cool. Tokshen and Dastactic have some good videos on Youtube showing the gameplay.

Also, if anyone else plays and is interested in playing a multiplayer game let me know.

nikheizen December 10, 2017 08:25

Yeah. I've just got Dom5 after spending a good 5 months with Dom4 and having a great time.
Dom4 is probably the game I've spent the most hours in this year at this point.

Did you play any earlier Dominions games? Did you play multiplayer in those?

I'm currently in a ton of multiplayer games. Playing EA Agartha and EA Xibalba in Dom4 still. In Dom5 I've just started games as EA Rus, EA Vanheim, MA Atlantis, and LA Bogarus.

If you want, the Dominions discord is a good place to find games.
There are also active communities on the dom3mods forum, somethingawful, steam, and 4chan /vg/.

krazyhades December 11, 2017 20:21

I play too, it's an excellent game. I could be up for a comfy game of pbem or blitz with oook folks or something. I played a little mp in Dom 3 and 4, and currently have my first mp game for 5 going on.

taptap December 14, 2017 17:02

A game I really want to play as soon as I have time... so maybe next year?

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