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ZorroRoaster March 30, 2009 23:48

OSX Tileset help?
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I've been getting back into roguelikes, and have recently tried out 3 variants - FAAngband, OAngband, and UnAngband. I am having tileset issues with each of these.

Specifically, if I try to load the 32x32 tiles, the graphics assigned to each item in the dungeon are wrong.

Have a look at the attached image.

Vanilla Angband played with 32x32 tiles works fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks from a newbie,


ZorroRoaster March 31, 2009 01:09

I thought I'd post my own fix for this, based on the things I've read around the forums.

Obviously, most people prefer ASCII (as do I!) but for those using OSX who want to try the tilesets, here's what I figured out:

Right click on the executable, and choose "Show Package Contents"

Navigate to /Contents/Resources/lib/pref/ and locate the graf-mac.prf file.

Open this file with TextEdit.

Replace the text in the file with the following:

# File: graf-mac.prf

# This file defines special attr/char mappings for use in "graphics" mode
# See "lib/help/command.txt" and "src/files.c" for more information.

# Standard file
?:[EQU $GRAF old]

# New tiles
?:[EQU $GRAF new]

# David Gervais' tiles
?:[EQU $GRAF david]

Save the file, close the Finder window, and restart the game. It should correctly display both 16x16 and 32x32 tiles.



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