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Bill Peterson October 6, 2019 00:03

Fixing the David Gervais tile set
As soon as I fired up 4.2.0 with the Grevais tiles that I've been using since AngbandTk I started seeing black squares and really invisible monsters. This is unacceptable, says I. Since I could be the only one interested in using this tile set I've set about fixing it.

Many of the new monsters don't have an acceptable image on the current .png file, and I don't have the skills to create new tiles. Fortunately, at there's a tileset that contains good images for things like the trees and Father Christmas and such, so I've taken tiles from there. I've seen enough variety in the tiles that I should be able to fill out all the missing images. Documentation says those tiles are under the same license as the original Gervais tiles. If someone disagrees they should speak up so we all can talk about it.

For the new classes I've just copied entries in xtra-dvg.prf, so Blackguards, Druids, and Necromancers are just going to look like Warriors, Priests, and Mages, respectively. After everything is stable I may go back and change some of the coloring to distinguish the classes.

Nick October 6, 2019 00:10

Excellent, please let me know when you're done and I'll include your work.

Bill Peterson October 6, 2019 03:27

Should be another couple of weeks, mostly because testing with debug mode is slow. I just wanted to make sure no one has a problem with the new tiles.

DrWho42 October 6, 2019 03:30

looking forward to seeing your tile work!

PowerWyrm October 7, 2019 09:22

Just FYI, everyone that plays with David Gervais tiles should use the UT32 tileset that was made by Buzzkill a while ago and not the original Gervais tileset.

I'm also really close to starting porting the monster changes from V to PWMAngband and I will rework the 32x32 tileset from scratch using the UT32 tileset. The current PWMAngband tileset is up to date with 4.1 if you want to use it.

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