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Hush April 15, 2009 02:12

Hushcakes - Battlemage
Have been playing Angband on and off for a good long time now, this is my first char to get anywhere interesting. Hoping it will be a winner.

Would appreciate some load out advice, as well as where to get some more heavy hitting spells (acid bolt only goes so far). What depth do I need before transformations? I am very aware that I don't have paralysis resistance, but I need the boots of speed more I think.

Mainly the play style has been haste and then the pick makes short work of most mobs (and i need the str bonus), then phase with rods, arrows and then spells to take out most uniques. If only confuse, sleep, slow worked on more things....

Latest conquest was Lokkak, ogre chieftain, in a superb level with a trapped vault next to a diagonal vault, with an extra normal vault as well. Lots of nice items, unfortunately when lokkak dropped a water hound immediately melted the loot.

update: I'm having a lot of trouble with Mim, Betrayer of Turin. Resistant to everything I can throw at him and my arrows are too weak. Think I will have to leave him until I get some stronger arrows.

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