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fph April 4, 2015 10:59

Path of Exile introduces "loot filter" scripts
It's going to be rolled in in the next update:
The post date is April 2, so it's not a Fool's Day prank (I guess).

Probably you are thinking "Wow, great idea kids. Guess what? We were doing it 10 years ago." And you are not wrong.
It's interesting to see how competing games in the same genre treat problems like TMJ, and how good old ideas like autosquelch get rediscovered...

Magnate April 5, 2015 15:20

You have to love those guys at GGG. On the money, every time. Eat your heart out Blizzard.

Thanks for the heads-up - I'll be reinstalling it when this is out!

MadeOfBees April 30, 2015 17:06

Im way excited, also, I never see you online fph.

fph May 1, 2015 13:45

I have taken a break. As far as I understand, the game isn't very active now, it is a dead moment "between leagues" and players are waiting for a new upcoming big release. Unless you got a key for the beta...

MadeOfBees May 5, 2015 13:37

Its far from inactive, thats a myth spread by people who afraid to deal with a permanent economy.

Standard league is, and always has been the most populated league. You just gett butthurt from the whiners because standard is also where the legacys live. So they whine and try to downplay it as much as they can to feel better.

I personally only play the temp leagues for shits and giggles. I cant guarantee Ill have the time to be competitive in them every time, so why get wiped every few months. If you want that challenge there is always hardcore, and POE wont let you savescum, lol.

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