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eastwind January 24, 2020 20:19

requesting some numbers from other players
I've been working a little side project: I wanted a script that would let me compare two weapons to determine which would do more damage for my character at a given dungeon depth.

I've thrown together a perl script that parses monster.txt and monster_base.txt, with the plan of using the data to generate a random but representative sampling of monsters for a given level.

I plan to fudge the uniques, by including the level-appropriate ones once in my sample, and increasing the number of other monsters generated for that level to approximate the proper ratio between uniques and non-uniques.

I see in my current game that I've slain almost 19000 monsters total, of which 64 have been uniques, and I'm down to level 50. So that gives me 1.28 uniques/level and 380 regular monsters per level, and about 300:1 ratio between uniques and non-uniques. That's a lot lower than I expected!

If a few other players at various stages of the game would take a look at their monster history and post their total slain and number of uniques slain and dungeon level reached I'd appreciate it as it would help me refine this guestimate.

If you go to monster knowledge and look at the bottom line of the sreen for Uniques and any other monster type it gives the two number slain counts.

Thanks for your assistance!

Pete Mack January 24, 2020 21:11

CL 22, depth 23. 10 uniques out of 312 total. High elf mage. (This is a little slow--up to CL 25, I like to keep it to 10 monsters killed per character level, at least for a class with good detection, i.e. mage or rogue.)

But this is almost meaningless. It isn't the average monster that matters. It is the most valuable to kill--not too difficult to risk death or waste supplies, but with a good yield in EXP or loot. You won't be able to determine that with simple statistics.

eastwind January 25, 2020 04:57

Maybe my script will only be applicable to my playstyle - which is a kill-everything slow descent style.

I was going to do some weighting of monsters (I thought I'd use monster experience as a proxy for difficulty) and try to estimate how many blows each weapon would take to kill things - once you are killing a given type the first turn, more damage isn't any use for that monster type.

It's probably a hopeless thing, no two players would be satisfied by the same script, that's what makes it a fun game. The script is just for me, and also an exercise to keep my perl skills from disappearing into the mists of time and fading memory.

mrfy January 25, 2020 05:23

I play slowly, as my goal is not only to kill Morgoth but all the other uniques as well. Currently have a level 32 High-elf Mage, dungeoning at level 32. Have killed 36 uniques out of 101 known. Total creatures slain: 3432.

Werbaer January 25, 2020 09:55

Level 36 High-Elf Ranger (race randomly selected), dungeon level 69, 47 uniques, 3872 total kills.

Update 1: Level 40 High-Elf Ranger, dungeon level 87, 65 uniques, 4362 total kills.

Update 2: Level 42 High-Elf Ranger, dungeon level 98, 77 uniques, 4923 total kills.

wobbly January 25, 2020 16:19

clvl 7, dlvl 7 kobold blackguard. 41 normies. 0 uniques

Pete Mack January 25, 2020 18:38

kobold blackguard is a serious challenge class. Yike!

wobbly January 25, 2020 18:40


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 142671)
kobold blackguard is a serious challenge class. Yike!

Dead to phasing near a 'p' pit unfortunately. fell in.

Pete Mack January 25, 2020 18:43

I actually saw that happen. Without instant escape, that char had no chance. Only hope for escape at that depth is an extra ?deep descent.

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