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OLSEN October 22, 2007 14:39

Video Card i built my computer....its a good computer for what i need...
Thermaltake Soprano case
Abit AN8 Ultra mobo
1gb patriot ram(getting another gig soon)
AMD Athlon X2 3800+ cpu
80 GB seagate HDD Sata 150

The problem is...I have all theses really good parts...except i have a crap video card....So what i need help with is I need the best vid card i can get for pci express 16 for under $200.....preferable Nvidia...any input is helpful

AngelicPenguin October 22, 2007 19:36

Here's a good URL for comparing video cards:
$200 is sort of a difficult price point.

I'd either go low and get something like this:

Or go high and get something like this (this one has a mail in rebate, not sure how you feel about those.):

Right at $200, I don't think is a really good bang for the buck.


tigen October 23, 2007 00:41

In November Nvidia and ATI will both release new cards in the $200-300 range. Nvidia G92 processor, ATI RV670 processor.

For less than $200, I think I would go for an ATI 2600XT with the Valve coupon if possible. They are actually under $100 and you get the free Valve games.

camlost October 23, 2007 01:15


Originally Posted by AngelicPenguin (Post 3329)
Here's a good URL for comparing video cards:

Or, be lazy and consult:

But as mentioned, the 8800gt is coming out soon (an early hosting error at the FoxConn website said Oct 29th, today). I would suggest playing a waiting game and looking for a better mid-range card coming soon (ATI has one due soon as well).

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