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Sphara November 21, 2020 11:47

No artifact weapons or armor in nightly
Three character dumps, one winner, two in midgame and not a single artifact weapon or armor. Cannot be just bad RNG :D

I don't see a same problem in games posted outside

Sphara November 21, 2020 12:14

Alrighty, I was told this problem has just recently been fixed.

Too bad it ruined a competition game for both wobbly and David Medley:(

Eric November 21, 2020 18:34

Was there a bug or adjustment to artifact generation of some sort? I've had a few games recently off one of the nightly versions (not sure which) where there were no randarts to be found even til the 90s, and on inspection my artifact sets had tiny (single digit, mostly <4) generation chances for everything except for amulets, lights and rings whose only effect was 'not harmed by lightning'.

Edit: nvm, found discussion on github!

Nick November 21, 2020 19:57

Yep, it was a problem in the nightlies, introduced when I was trying to fix the bug which has allowed duplicate artifacts. Now fixed.

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