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Wraitheist September 7, 2008 15:52

Types of vaults
Hi guys,

Can someone explain to me the different types of vaults, what they look like, and which ones tend to have better stuff? Pointing me to an existing resource is fine, too. :) I keep hearing about greatery vaults, etc., and I've been several different types, I just don't know how to identify them. Thanks!


Mondkalb September 7, 2008 16:34

This information is available in your Angband directory in the file
Some general facts are given in the online spoiler:

Zikke September 7, 2008 17:28

Can somebody give some advice on how to make that vault.txt file readable? I'm on Windows XP. It's a mass of raw text and it messes up how the vaults look.

Mondkalb September 7, 2008 18:02

I am using the Context-Text-Editor:

WordPad will work also, I think.

Pete Mack September 7, 2008 22:50

It has newline-terminated (UNIX-style) lines. The cygwin utility unix2dos will solve the problem, as will using some other editor than notepad. OpenOffice will certainly work, and I think wordpad does too.

Wraitheist September 8, 2008 01:53


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