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AnonymousHero October 12, 2018 22:52

I've actually tried something very similar, and I was actually surprised that (at least with the libraries I tried) JSON serialization actually adds a considerable overhead to just writing out the save game data compared to the current situation. (My experiment was in ToME 2, but I'd assume it's pretty similar in Angband -- I don't think the code has changed that much.)

Some of this has to do with the absurd overhead of serializing e.g. each dungeon tile as individual strings, etc., but...

Pete Mack October 13, 2018 01:07

Amusing story: originally thw bing search engine did all its anysis on json or a similar format, but a performance analysis showed it was spending 50% of CPU time in binary-decimal interconversion, and a bunch more time just parsing the files. It is a prohibitively costly format for large datasets.

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