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Philip February 6, 2010 07:22

Ringil from an orc pit!
I'm cleaning an orc pit and notice I'm running over a few items and decide to find out what they are. Then i pick up a Long Sword and i notice "You have the Long Sword 'Ringil'. From a snaga, apparently. My first finding of Ringil.

EDIT: To stop me from dying, please send comments here or to my dump

Zikke February 6, 2010 09:57

Congratulations! I think the first time I found Ringil it was lying on the floor around dlvl 10 or something. Your game will get much easier now!

(And nothing we can recommend will stop you from dying with this guy. The RNG just called. It wants its sword back.)

Djabanete February 6, 2010 22:31

Congratulations, now you can get killed twice as quickly :)

Zikke February 7, 2010 20:29

On my new mage, I just found a Potion of Experience on dlvl 28 and just went from clvl 25 to 30. And now I'm also going to die that much faster...

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