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nppangband January 12, 2015 01:46

Almost done. I want to add buttons to pop up windows that display the info for the backpack and home inventory, as well as one for weapon and ammo multipliers. Every label has a tooltip that gives fairly complete information about that feature. That was painful. :) But hopefully it will greatly reduce the learning curve for new players.

Zireael January 12, 2015 18:38

That is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

bio_hazard January 12, 2015 20:01

One thing you might consider is instead of showing all four of of the lower categories at once, show only two at a time (e.g. {resistance and abilities}, then hit right or left arrow to show {nativity and equipment}) You could then have more space between rows/columns to make it easier to see and to mouse over.

Also, are those supposed to be boxes with a check mark inside? Probably just go with a check mark? that would look cleaner imo.

Otherwise, looks great!

immunity could be a full shield icon or something?

Ingwe Ingweron January 12, 2015 20:20

What would immunity look like? Another field that might be interesting is Day/Night (for variants where such makes a difference).

nppangband January 13, 2015 00:46

Right now, immunity is a blue checkmark, resistance is green, and temporary resistance is purple (if the label is purple, it is double resist). I think you are right about using simple checkmark instead of the boxed checkmark.

When I used icons instead of using the checkbox, the squares blew up to 4x the original size. I spent way too long trying to fix it, and eventually gave up and used checkboxes. When I figure out why, there are immunity, resist, and double resist icons to use.

I also agree it is a little cramped. There will probably be a scroll bar for the bottom half, so I can also include layouts for the backpack and home inventory as well. But before all that fine tuning, I wanted to get feedback from different people on how well it works on different size screens.

All of the dialog boxes are generated by code, instead of actually drawing the dialog and using an interface to fill in the buttons and commands. It takes much longer to get right, but it is essential. Early on we discovered that when the dialog is pre-drawn, the game makes way too many assumptions about the size and alignment of the buttons, and it does not display right on different size screens. I am able to test it on a 24 inch monitor, and 17 inch laptop, and an 11 inch macbook screen. So far, it all displays and scales to the screen appropriately.

Thanks for the feedback!

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