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will_asher October 17, 2010 07:17

Announce DaJAngband 1.2.3 released
This release fixes the following bugs:
- fixed bug: grenades lose their enchantment on save/load
- fixed bug: +attacks in quiver applies to melee also (ego of dancing)
- fixed bug: shrooms of pricy luckfinding aren't as pricy as I meant them to be...
- fixed bug: display of recharge times for artifacts is sometimes messed up (reported by buzzkill)

Other changes since 1.2.2:
- BR_WALL now has a chance to create walls or rubble (more likely if breather can pass/break walls)
- chest drops improved. Also, sometimes nests have a silver or gold chest placed inside.
- traps gets harder to disarm with dungeon level, and there's a new trap type for >dl40
- tourists get some XP for picking up gold, they also get a charisma-based stealth bonus (which is negative with low CHA)
- weak pseudo is removed (it's about time, huh?)
- scroll/staff of darkness has better effect for black magic users
- shortened some rod & DSM recharge times
- resists can protect against inventory damage vs low level monsters (single resist protects against monsters < dL11, double resist protects against monsters < dL18)
- water slows you down a little (same for most monsters)
- cheat_hear allows you to see a monster's current speed relative to average speed for its race as well as its current hp.
- teleport/phase can land you inside a vault if you are already inside a vault.
- CLAIRVOYANCE now detects objects only in normal detection range, and detects monsters within 20 spaces (uses MAX_RANGE). There is now also a weaker version of the clairvoyance activation for the dagger of Pippin.
- monsters which throw boulders climb over/move rubble much easier now
- cause critical wounds monster spell now can cause cuts (as well as cause mortal wounds)
- most summoning spells summon a reduced number of monsters, summon ape spell may summon more than one now, and the single S_MONSTER spell has a small chance to summon up to three if you have bad luck.
- most 'cure wounds' potions/spells have a maximum heal amount as well as a minimum (40/60/90 for the potions). Only the prayer-realm CCW and CMW don't have a maximum.
- pit traps often (but not always) turn into open pits when disarmed
- rearranged assassin spells a little, adding Step Into Darkness: +1 stealth, darkvision, reduces light radius to 1, and makes you vulnerable to light. (but you don't take damage just for being in a lighted space)
- potions of monster detection now detect all monsters within 23 spaces for ~9-14 turns (shorter if you have very bad luck).
- SMART monsters always learn & react to your resists as if AI_LEARN was on.
- NON_LIVING monsters resist nether
- other things which have been tweaked: stuff that affects level feelings, scoring system, some spells, monsters vs jammed doors (jamming doors is more effective now), etc..

I had planned to make v1.3.0 the next release, but I wanted to release my changes so far in a version that doesn't break savefiles. Here are a few of the changes planned for v1.3.0:
- monster race size implemented (will always see large monsters on the opposite end of a large lit room -I put in an ugly temporary fix for this in 1.2.3 for until the next release.)
- monsters may have single/double resist or immunity to elements just like the PC can.
- monsters have a racial limit to their spell range
- slings, short bows, and hand crossbows will have shorter range (haven't decided about light crossbows).
- ego DSMs

Download here:
DaJAngband website is in my sig as always.

jevansau October 26, 2010 00:21

Thanks for the release - makes an interesting change from the vanilla nightlies.

Only thing I'm missing is identify by use. Is this something you are considering for 1.3?


buzzkill November 18, 2010 02:33


f) The Palantir of Angaladh
It provides resistance to light, blindness, chaos, and static. It
usually provides light of radius 3. It senses the presence of all
monsters (even mindless ones). It activates for clairvoyance about
every 10+d6 minutes. It cannot be harmed by the elements.
What does resist static do?
What's the difference between clairvoyance and enlightenment?
Do I really need SI since this thing "senses the presence of all monsters"?

will_asher November 18, 2010 04:29

Resist static protects against melee attacks which drain charges. It is not complete protection though: it makes it so there's about a 1/3 chance for charge-draining to fail, and when charges are drained, it often makes it so it doesn't drain all the charges left on the wand/staff.
I plan to make Rstatic a little more powerful in the next version.
EDIT: just to add, multiple sources of Rstatic stack in effectiveness. Effect I described is with one source of Rstatic.

enlightenment maps and lights up the whole level
clairvoyance does the same plus detection of nearby traps, objects (normal detection range) and monsters (within 20 spaces).

Currently, normal ESP has a range of 18, most race-specific ESP has a range of 15, sensing the presence of all monsters (what that palantir has) has a range of only 8 spaces. I thought I made an in-game note somewhere that it was shorter ranged, maybe I forgot. (maybe 8 is too short...)
If you have multiple ESP spells which sense the same monster, the range is increased.

buzzkill November 19, 2010 00:53

OK, I cast the nature spell 'call help' (which I really like by the way) and get an ent. A short time later my helper ent tramples The Queen Ant, removing her from the level as far as I could tell. Should summoned friendlies be able to trample enemy uniques?

Also, the Static Hound is listed (in meonster memory) as an elemental rather than a Zeypher Hound.

will_asher December 11, 2010 04:10

(I just now noticed this message. I thought I had subscribed for email notification for the DAJ threads.)

1) Cool, I'm glad you like the 'call help' spell. I've never gotten far enough with a druid to playtest its usefulness.
2) I thought uniques were always immune to being trambled. obviously I was wrong. will be fixed.
3) EDIT: Now that I look even closer*... Helper monsters have negative XP values and the compare_monsters function uses experience value to decide whether a monster can push past or trample another monster so I'm wondering how that ent was able to trample anything at all. ...Oh I see- in the compare_monsters function the mexp variables are declared unsigned. weird. I guess that works though because I do want ents to be able to trample some things. Anyway, I made uniques immune to being trampled for next version.

The three types of hounds which are native deeper than dL100 use the elemental symbol because all the Zs colors were used up and I didn't want those types of hounds to be confused with lesser types. And they're grouped in the monster memory by symbol (I think I put "elementals and endgame hounds" as the heading for that symbol in the knowledge menu).

thanks for all the bug reports and helpful comments


buzzkill January 19, 2011 03:43

OK, I just downloaded 1.2.3, but the executable is labeled 1.3.0.
Do I have some mutant hybred version?

Where did the ~ knowledge menu go?
Pressing ~ results in "Take off which item?".

will_asher January 19, 2011 23:42

Oops. I have a macro set to the ~ key. And I have it so that if there is a .prf file called mymacs in the user folder, the game automatically loads it. That's just a convienence thing for me. I didn't mean to distribute the mymacs.prf file publicly with the game. Anyway, just delete or rename mymacs.prf and the ~ command will work again.

It looks like I misnamed the executable. The download that's on the site is 1.2.3. Sometimes I forget to update everything before uploading it to the DaJAngband site. (like deleting the mymacs file or making sure the executable name is correct. I prematurely named it 1.3.0 because I thought I'd release 1.3.0 earlier.)

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