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Gauss May 2, 2019 14:44

Tarrasque OP
How do you guys even attempt to fight tarrasque?
It breathed frost 3 times in a row and killed me. Thought it only breathed fire and since i have Eöl gauntlets i was sure i could kill him but he seems unkillable.

Pete Mack May 2, 2019 14:48

Without double resistance, it is impossible. Without (double) immunity, it is wasteful.

Derakon May 2, 2019 15:41

If you survived two breaths, you should have well known that it might breathe a third time. Why didn't you heal, or escape?

The Tarrasque is very dangerous, yes. I can even see an argument for calling it overpowered. But that doesn't mean it should be weakened. The dungeon needs scary monsters that can kill you.

It is definitely possible to kill it without any defenses beyond basic fire/cold resist, but unless you have a truly overpowered offense (such as an oldschool ranger with >800 damage/turn), I wouldn't recommend it. You'd spend far too many healing potions. Double resist makes it a lot more feasible -- coincidentally, the best Tarrasque killers are priests, since they have both a spell to give double resist for fire/cold, and cheap 0%-failure-rate healing spells.

Gauss May 2, 2019 16:36

Used pahse door but landed in opposite side of the corridor. Also note that i didn't say in ANY moment that it should be weakened. Monsters like this make in my opinion a more interesting endgame.

Pete Mack May 2, 2019 17:06

I think ranger is the easiest, or rogue with a Sling of Buckland. Both have double resist, and both have unlimited poison brand ammo. It also isn't too hard as a Mage. With unlimited stone to mud, you can arrange to always meet it at distance 20. Then use chaos bolt until it gets close enough to do real damage. TO, and repeat.

Estie May 2, 2019 17:48

How much damage (as a %age) does it's breath do at max distance ?

Derakon May 2, 2019 19:15

Phase Door is only an escape if you use it inside of a vault. Otherwise it's just a way to avoid melee range, which isn't what was killing you here. Next time, try to think what the worst plausible outcome is of your various random options, and assume that will happen. You should try to always have an option that buys you a few turns of guaranteed safety.

Sky May 2, 2019 20:46

i used to die 9 times out of 10 to the tarrasque back when it could breathe disenchantment for full damage from any distance. Now, that was OP.

Nowadays i just ignore it, teleport it away, or if you really need to kill it, with immunities and/or Resistance spells. But it doesn't summon, so it's just one big dumb lizard that's gonna cost you a lot of *Heal for those XP. Not worth fighting imho.

Sphara May 2, 2019 21:34

You know that facial expression base jumper has when he realizes in air, that he has packed an anvil instead of a chute? I had that face meeting the Tarrasque and thinking I had switched for a fire immunity ring, but actually had removed my only fire resistance item for something useless.
I think I went somewhere around -700 HP from full HP.

Sky May 2, 2019 23:35

ah lol yeah, i did something similar. i was playing with randarts and finally was ready for morgoth, went back to town to maximize my artifact gear, spent half hour squeezing every resist and point of damage out of it, went back down ... not noticed i had no free action.

Lev 50 warrior died to ghouls.

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