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Grotug September 20, 2019 20:33

finally my big break
DL45 has been good to me.

Mim has dropped you a pair of leather sandals of 'Galiel' <+11> [1,+18]. You were wearing a pear of iron shod boots [4,-3]. This 4.2.0 sure is hard. My current game I've come within a breath of death many times because I keep underestimating monsters or they suddenly do twice the damage they were doing. My HT Warrior is on DL45 and I'm wielding the awesome 'Spear of Duinur' (+6, +6) +1 CON and rCold.

And I just picked up Telepathy helm in a small circular vault on the west of the map and a third TO wand. This is looking very promising. Improved both my damage rings, too and picked up a pendant of AC and slaying (+5, +5) [+27] with holy prayer activation. Despite poking around with this pathetic spear I'm doing 196 damage per round.

DrWho42 September 21, 2019 03:55


Originally Posted by Grotug (Post 140140)
My current game I've come within a breath of death many times because I keep underestimating monsters or they suddenly do twice the damage they were doing.

same. i'm less careful than i should be.

Huqhox September 23, 2019 12:03

The work Nick has put in buffing and re-arranging the monsters has made 4.2.0 not only tougher than before, without changing the balance, but has also increased the need for careful strategic and tactical calls. It's certainly not the hack 'n' slash fest it was as even quite powerful characters need to be careful

I actually can't remember when the game was this much fun

Oraticus September 23, 2019 18:30

Agreed... this version has a nice balance to it. Getting "Omens of death" feeling because bug pits are now actually deadly is just a strange, but fun experience!

I'm having to retrain the Angband section of my brain to stop playing the way I used to and re-evaluate what I can and can't do as each class.

Grotug September 24, 2019 21:42

I rearranged my kit to cover all resistances and protections (less immunities and nether) but seemed to overlook rBase. Outside a vault on DL95 the great wyrm of many colors breathes lightning. You die.

I agree on the balance and improved gameplay. Game is a richer experience now (doesn't mean I don't curse the huorns everytime I play, though).

Grotug September 26, 2019 01:57

Oh, hell yes!

So I stared another character up. Got a good early weapon: 2d6 rapier of cold (+10) and was soon doing over 200 damage to most everything (two damage rings). By the mid DL30s I had already quaffed 5 STR potions (2 were STR and 3 were brawn and all three brawn affected my mind stats). Despite the good damage, a pack of Ologs nearly killed me (brought me to 1 health as I was recklessly trying to blaze through them. Found a wand of TO that got destroyed soon after by the first breath of lightning hounds offscreen. Was feeling a bit despaired. Then I decided to take on Klavax with a !speed. Figured there was a decent chance I'd be able to take him without an excess of drama. Was getting good hit die rolls as I was around 450hp when I fought him on DL42 so was in no danger of being breathed to death. He didn't breathe for like 4 or 5 rounds (or more?) and I brought him below half health when he breathed sound but only did like 100 damage (non-resisted). I easily finished him off and he dropped the rapier Otahri (3d6) (+5, +23) with slay dragon and demons powerfully, and trolls and animals. But the real sweetness was finding a pendant <+3> speed with Telepathy. Now that is a handy find! Also recently found a cloak with +2 damage reduction. I don't actually know what this means. Does it mean melee attacks done to me will have -2 to damage?

BTW, I love the new Knight's shields! :D

Bought a wand of TO in the store. Shortly after it's destroyed a ball of lightning cast by a patriarch. Just picked up another wand of TO dropped a young gold dragon.

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