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Antoine June 9, 2013 11:31


Please can someone be so kind as to explain, or point me to an explanation of, how stealth works in V?

Ie what actions make noise, how much noise causes mobs to wake up, and is there any other way for mobs to wake?

Would be much obliged

Nick June 9, 2013 11:49


        /* Apply Skill -- Extract noise from stealth */
        state->noise = (1L << (30 - state->skills[SKILL_STEALTH]));

and this

                /* Anti-stealth */
                notice = randint0(1024);

                /* Hack -- See if monster "notices" player */
                if ((notice * notice * notice) <= p_ptr->state.noise) {
                        d = 1;

                        /* Wake up faster near the player */
                        if (m_ptr->cdis < 50) d = (100 / m_ptr->cdis);

                        /* Still asleep */
                        if (m_ptr->m_timed[MON_TMD_SLEEP] > d) {
                                /* Monster wakes up "a little bit" */
                                mon_dec_timed(m_ptr, MON_TMD_SLEEP, d , MON_TMD_FLG_NOMESSAGE,

                                /* Notice the "not waking up" */
                                if (m_ptr->ml && !m_ptr->unaware) {
                                        /* Hack -- Count the ignores */
                                        if (l_ptr->ignore < MAX_UCHAR)
                        } else {
                                /* Reset sleep counter */
                                woke_up = mon_clear_timed(m_ptr, MON_TMD_SLEEP,
                                        MON_TMD_FLG_NOMESSAGE, FALSE);

                                /* Notice the "waking up" */
                                if (m_ptr->ml && !m_ptr->unaware) {
                                        /* Dump a message */
                                        msg("%s wakes up.", m_name);

                                        /* Hack -- Update the health bar */
                                        if (p_ptr->health_who == m_ptr) p_ptr->redraw |= (PR_HEALTH);

                                        /* Hack -- Count the wakings */
                                        if (l_ptr->wake < MAX_UCHAR)

Antoine June 9, 2013 12:03

Very simple then - to avoid waking a monster up, wear stealth kit and try to stay a long distance from it?

This could be improved on I think.

Do variants have more complex stealth/noise systems?


Patashu June 9, 2013 12:44


Originally Posted by Antoine (Post 81237)
Do variants have more complex stealth/noise systems?

Sil has a complex Stealth system, and it also explains everything about how stealth and noise works in the manual and tutorial.

wobbly June 9, 2013 13:56

Sanband & Dajangband are 2 others. Dajangband has some sort of perception systems where monsters hide as well & lots of mimics. It's interesting but I struggled to get very far without some part of the dungeon eating my characters.

Nick June 9, 2013 14:14

O/FA have a noise flow map which allows monsters to chase the player by sound (in the same way as update_smell in Quickband allows them to chase the player by smell). The amount of noise made by the player is also dependent not just on stealth, but on noisy activities (like digging).

Antoine June 9, 2013 22:19

You would think it would be good to get some of this into V.


Nick June 10, 2013 00:38


Originally Posted by Antoine (Post 81254)
You would think it would be good to get some of this into V.

Not if I want to maintain my competitive advantage ;)

scud June 10, 2013 20:11

Piggyback question: did stealth get stealthier between 3.3.2 and 3.4.1? In the couple of games I've had that have gone beyond CL25 I've consistently felt far sneakier than I should be...

Derakon June 10, 2013 21:09

Not to my knowledge. Maybe you've just been playing innately stealthier characters? Or getting lucky with speed items; speed effectively makes you stealthier since the monsters get fewer turns to be disturbed in before you encounter them.

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