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chikinn November 8, 2014 22:48

Bug: "n" not counted as a non-"ESC" key
Version: 3.5.0
OS: Arch 3.16.2
Reproducibility: always

To reproduce, visit any shop. Select an item to buy. As final confirmation, the shopkeeper will ask you: "Buy a <item>? [ESC, any other key to accept]" However, "n" apparently does not count as "any other key" and instead acts like "ESC".

In other contexts, "n" doesn't work like "ESC" (at least with the old roguelike keyset). For example, after casting a targeted spell, "n" indicates a direction as expected, rather than an abort.

Nick November 8, 2014 23:13

That's poor wording of the prompt rather than a bug - "n" means "no". You should find that this is the case for a number of questions like this which imply a yes/no answer, and where a direction is not a sensible answer.

chikinn November 8, 2014 23:22

So how will the prompt get fixed? Is this too minor to open a ticket for?

Nick November 8, 2014 23:34

I guess nothing's too minor to open a ticket for :)

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