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Zikke March 2, 2010 23:01

r1953 crash bug
Since I upgraded to r1953, my game has crashed several times with the same error. Each time, the character file is no longer usable. It crashes at random times, not always when doing something. I have seen it 6 times now, only with the new version and with new character files.

The error is:

Assertion failed!
Program: C:\....etcetc.....\angband.exe
File: z-bitflag.c
Line: 56

Expression flag_offset < size

Marble Dice March 3, 2010 01:41

What platform are you on? Do you roll your own, or use nightlies?

Zikke March 3, 2010 01:52

I use nightlies. I upgraded to r1951 today and the very next game and the following games started doing this.

I have Vista 32bit. For the most part, it has been very stable with Angband. I never use weird tiles or anything like that. The only thing I change with the visuals is set the walls and permanent walls to the block character, which I did for this character. The weird thing is, it didn't crash right away; I got to about clvl 11 before it happened. Then other games were clvl 5 or 7.

Marble Dice March 3, 2010 02:24

r1952 includes more descriptive error messages which will help locate this problem.

Zikke March 3, 2010 06:25

Error in flag_has(o-ptr->known_flags, flag): FlagID[97] Size[12] FlagOff[12] FlagBV[1]

Hope that means something to you, cuz it's Greek to me :)

Marble Dice March 4, 2010 00:00

I think r1954 addresses this problem, please try it out.

Zikke March 4, 2010 00:49

It works! Thank you!

I didn't want to lose this character because my rogue found a Main Gauche (+2, +7) on dlvl 2, so now I can actually enjoy a swift RNG death. :)

Malak Darkhunter March 7, 2010 23:03

I have revision 54 and my game has crashed 2 times so far, Vista 32 bit, never seen this happen before, get a similar message as above.
Usually happens during combat. When I resume the game it takes me back to the begining of the level, so not much harm done.

Zikke March 8, 2010 01:40

Today my game crashed again. When I restarted it, it was fine thereafter.

Zikke March 8, 2010 06:19

Actually it has crashed several more times today.

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