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tynan December 26, 2012 01:49

Questions (I play 3.0.4)
Greetings all. I have been messing around with the Edit files (like p_class, p_race, artifact) and the only ones that I can make the changes actually work in-game are the p_class and p_race.
The artifact.txt file is frustrating to say the least. I'm trying to start my character off with artifacts and the best result I can get in-game are items that are not identified (and can't be identified), with no powers at all. They are generic items of their class.
For example, in the p_class section of Ranger starting equipment I replaced the torches with the Arkenstone of Thrain from objects.txt and artifacts.txt (I'm only using artifacts with the INSTA_ART flag). When I started a new game, all it said was "an Arkenstone" and it had zero abilities/powers/etc. When I tried to Identify it it wouldn't let me (can't remember why atm). The color was right (yellow) and it displayed the proper character, but that was it, no stats.
Any help with this is much appreciated. Thanks.

Derakon December 26, 2012 02:51

Unfortunately, the items that the player starts with are just bog-standard examples of the base item type. There are special base item types for the lightsources (the Phial, Star, and Arkenstone), that are normally never generated without being turned into artifacts -- but character creation works around that.

For the same reason, you never get magical or ego-item equipment in your starting gear.

If you want to be able to map and light every level, then you could use the debug/wizard-mode commands. I believe the correct invocation is ^al. That is, shift-6, a, l. You'll be asked for confirmation the first time you do ^a, but not thereafter. Unfortunately doing this prevents your score from being recorded, since you are, after all, cheating.

Mental note: when Pyrel gets around to a scores list, record cheaters on a different scoresheet instead of not recording them at all.

LostTemplar December 26, 2012 09:37

Does Vanilla have ^aC command, which creates any artifact ?

tynan December 26, 2012 13:41

Yes, there are actually 2 modes of "debug". The normal debug mode is reached by pressing "Shift-6" and then "a". Wizard mode is reached by pressing "Ctrl-w" and then "y" for accepting the *Cheater* flag and forfeiting your score. Debug mode also carries the Cheater flag, but gives no warning.
It seems both modes are identical as far as what you can do. Here is a list of Debug commands in debug mode (keep in mind this is 3.0.4):
^a - Debug mode
c - (C)reate basic item
d - (D)etect all
e - modify character att, (E)xp, etc
f - (F)ully *Identify*
g - Create {(G)ood} equipment
h - Show Life Rating
i - (I)dentify
j - (J)ump to Level (0-127)
k - Self (K)nowledge
m - Magic (M)apping
o - Modify (O)bject
p - (P)hase Door
s - (S)ummon Monster
t - (T)eleport Self
u - Detect Monsters
v - Create {exceptional} and {special} equipment
w - Reveal (W)hole Level Map
x - Gain E(X)P

If anyone has any tips on what to modify in the source code to remove the annoying Cheater flag, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Derakon December 26, 2012 15:57

You want to modify score.c so it doesn't care if you've used wizard mode and/or debug mode (and, if you want, so it doesn't care if you've set cheater options). Remove either or both of these two blocks of code, depending on what you want to achieve:

    /* Cheaters are not scored */
    for (j = OPT_SCORE; j < OPT_SCORE + N_OPTS_CHEAT; ++j)
        if (!op_ptr->opt[j]) continue;

        msg("Score not registered for cheaters.");

    /* Wizard-mode pre-empts scoring */
    if (p_ptr->noscore & (NOSCORE_WIZARD | NOSCORE_DEBUG))
        msg("Score not registered for wizards.");

tynan December 27, 2012 02:11

I downloaded the source for it (from here) and there isn't a file called "score.c" anywhere in the src folder or elsewhere. I looked through "files.c" and found many references to the player score/highscore, but no luck with "debug" or "wizard". I'll keep searching the files from top to bottom though. Unless of course I find out here first. Thanks.

Derakon December 27, 2012 03:06

I was looking at the 3.4 source, so I guess that's one thing that was changed.

I bet that OPT_SCORE and N_OPTS_CHEAT still exist, so you could try searching for those. Alternately, make a cheater, kill it, and then note the message that gets printed (which in 3.4 is "Score not registered for cheaters."). Search for that and the code that prevents wizards from scoring will probably be nearby.

Timo Pietilš January 7, 2013 13:14


Originally Posted by tynan (Post 76034)
Here is a list of Debug commands in debug mode (keep in mind this is 3.0.4):
^a - Debug mode
c - (C)reate basic item

Capital "c" (C) gives you artifact if you just enter artifact number as count before actually activating the command:

Phial: 01^aC

Arkenstone would be 03^aC

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