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SethaWetha September 14, 2020 04:19

[FrogComposBand] Does the game auto-save?
I haven't saved in awhile and something invoked Raw Lorgus, destroyed a loooot of items, and the game stopped responding. It's stuck using 25% of my CPU and nothing's happening. The game has crashed and attempted to save before and it worked, but it didn't crash like this.

Sideways September 14, 2020 17:16

The game saves automatically on entering a new level. It's possible to configure timed autosaves as well (once every X turns), but they are off by default.

The game will try to panic-save on crashes/unusual exits, but it might not work every time, especially when it's stuck like that.

Any idea what might have caused it to get stuck? My first instinct is some kind of loop involving potions on the floor shattering and causing further explosions, and/or some unusual issue with a particular potion going off - do you remember what potions might have been destroyed?

SethaWetha October 3, 2020 03:36

I exited the game last time so I couldn't check, but it happened again. A potion of Restore Mana shattered from a frost ball.

This is all the information I have:

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