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budswell October 29, 2020 15:15

Error loading dump into ladder [Frog]
Hi, when I attempt to load my latest dead frogcomposband character dump it is failing with the error:

Incorrect integer value: '' for column `angband`.`ladder`.`compo_rank_value` at row 1Dump copied successfully...
You can view the dumps here:

budswell October 31, 2020 15:19

Same error on my next character.

Is ladder loading working for anyone else?
Or something in my savefile generating dodgey dumps?

HugoTheGreat2011 October 31, 2020 16:35

Both look fine in Firefox HTML format, yet doesn't explain why these won't upload on the oook ladder. Can pav or Sideways look into this?

SethaWetha November 2, 2020 15:23

I'm having the exact same issue. Thought it was an issue with my html file at first. I was wondering why there haven't been any new characters on the FCB ladder recently

budswell November 3, 2020 14:20

Looks like whatever was wrong has been fixed. Have been able to load both the failed dumps now. And I saw another dump was loaded yesterday.
Thanks to whoever fixed it.

Nick November 3, 2020 21:13

That was pav :)

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