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Grotug September 16, 2021 20:35

Hobbit Rogue & Ranger
Having a good run with my Hobbit Rogue.

Melee, and high enchantment poison shots are my bread and butter, with wands of drainlife/annihilation reserved for tougher targets.

Having just learned how to hit and run, had a lot of fun stealing from dangerous uniques last level.

Grotug September 18, 2021 20:14

That character died right after I posted his character dump, from all the monsters Cantoras woke when I tried to rob him. I stupidly teleported myself into a room full of deep TO'd monsters while trying to take on an Undead pit and Huan breathed on me.

Next I played hobbit ranger but he just died to a 9 headed hydra nether attack advertised at doing 200 damage, but killed my @ who had 243hp. :rolleyes:

Grotug September 19, 2021 13:27

Current run is going super well. Fortunes befalling this Hobbit Ranger.

Look at how happy he is:

Grotug September 19, 2021 19:44

Man, this run just keeps getting better and better. Found a nice X5 crossbow, but the real news is the armor I just found lying on the floor at 1900'. What do you think the treasure value on it ought to be?:

The Chainmail 'Amlath' (-2) [32, +15] <+2, +4, +5> Dexterity, Constitution, Speed

If this was a standart it would be native to the very deeps of the dungeon and be very rare. Amirite?

Provides immunity to cold. Provides resistance to lighting and fire. Provides protection from fear.
When activated, it detects all objects in the immediate area. At +7 speed takes 139 to 170 turns to recharge.

For a moment when I found this and saw the treasure feeling I momentarily confused my other game and thought I was on DL56, and was thinking, dang, I would expect a higher treasure feeling for this at DL56. But I was on DL38. So, anyway, tell me what you think this item should treasure feel for at DL38.

I know the reason it didn't give a higher treasure feeling and it's because it 'only' has 47 AC but still, compare this armor to Thalketoth. It blows it out of the water.

An entrantress also dropped a staff of banishment.

Grotug September 21, 2021 01:37

I never found a good bow so I mostly melee'd big M at 638 damage per round to evil but I got some xbow shots in on him as well. Not too shabby for a Hobbit Ranger.

The M fight was hard. His summons were relentless and only the most dangerous monsters summoned. Fortunately he got tired for a bit in the second half of the fight and gave me a chance to pummel on him for a bit. I might post a video of the fight.

will_asher September 21, 2021 05:08

A Hobbit Ranger can get 5 blows with a 40lb weapon?
Has it always been this way?

Pete Mack September 21, 2021 07:15

Race and height do not matter. Only STR and DEX. And It isnt easy to get STR 210 with a hobbit ranger.

will_asher September 21, 2021 07:33


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 155451)
Race and height do not matter. Only STR and DEX. And It isnt easy to get STR 210 with a hobbit ranger.

I knew it was based on STR and DEX, I was just surprised a hobbit ranger could get enough STR and DEX for it.

Grotug September 21, 2021 18:16

That run started well and kept going well. :)

So I got pretty far editing the Sauron/Morgoth fight video but decided to take a break and start up a Hobbit Warrior and, well, upon entering dungeon level 5 I immediately came upon a chest. Curiosity got the best of me so I opened it. Made a short video highlighting the fine items that can be found in chests, even small ones found early on in the game:

Grotug September 24, 2021 00:40

My Hobbit Warrior vanquished Morgoth. I found holy might ammo for all three launchers and found 3 good launchers of each type. I ended up going with the xbow because the buckland was cursed with siren. (but the buckland was doing 580 to evil vs the xbow's 371). The siren curse wouldn't have mattered much, though in the final fight. I should post the video of the Morgoth fight as it was kind of entertaining. Much less nervous than the Hobbit Ranger as I sustained CON.

One interesting thing about this game was that I found a scythe of slicing 10d4 with slay evil pretty early on but it was a cursed morgul blade. It started out something like (-15, +2) with a few curses but the curses were only 15 power. So throughout the game I got the slay to (+7, +10). I eventually found a good stealth swap that I would main and then switch the scythe for bigger battles.

I had lendendary stealth for the latter levels but switched my gear around for the final fights.

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