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SethaWetha April 15, 2020 11:49

[FrogComposband] Random Teleport no longer asking if I want to be teleported?
I got the Iron Helm 'Terror Mask' which has random teleport and ever since I got it it has always asked me if I wanted to teleport before teleporting me. Just recently it stopped asking before randomly teleporting me and I can only assume it's because I switched out some equipment or something. Anyone know why this is happening?

Thraalbee April 15, 2020 12:40

Inscribing a period (".") on it would make the random tele go away. You still get the question to follow someone phasing/teleporting though.

SethaWetha April 15, 2020 13:22

I'm still getting the random teleport after inscribing and it's still not asking me before I teleport.

clouded April 15, 2020 13:36

Monsters can curse your equipment and one of the curses is a random teleportation, check and see if anything is cursed and uncurse it.

SethaWetha April 15, 2020 14:15

Thank you! I didn't notice my Rune Sword was cursed with random teleport because it is permanently cursed. :o

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