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sffp December 11, 2020 22:29


Originally Posted by DavidMedley (Post 149974)
Addressing the non-realism of tunnelling through granite with a sword is not a high priority, of course. But if something were to be done about it, the pain could be reduced by adding a "digger" equipment slot. +Dig items only; no statstick daggers!

Oh - but you could find some fun randarts digger second weapons :)

The downside to the need of having a digger would be its greater effect on the strength impaired. I usually try and find a ring of digging for those - would that fit into your digger slot?

Pete Mack December 11, 2020 22:33

The digger must be of base type digger. And if you have TUNNEL (even off-weapon) no damage accrues.
I can kind see this. But in the late game (or even late middle-game), it's a recipe for seriously annoyance.

Whelk December 11, 2020 22:46


Originally Posted by whartung (Post 149976)
But we already have that implicitly, since digging will automatically swap with the digger in your bag.

I did not know this. Awesome!


I only wish it would swap to a digging ring if I had one so I could carry that instead of the annual output of the Pennsylvania Steel Industry in my bag.
This would be amazing. Rings of digging are one of my favorite items in the game.

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