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Sarpedon July 19, 2019 17:52

No keyboard on Android (Angband 3.4.1)
Anyone else had this experience of the keyboard disappearing playing Angband 3.4.1 on Android?

Does anyone please know how to solve this problem?

Even if you shutdown the phone and restart Angband, the keyboard does not reappear.

Any help you give would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Pete Mack July 19, 2019 20:03

hold down your thumb for a while in the middle of the screen. A menu should appear.

Sarpedon July 20, 2019 11:22

Thank you very much Peter! You saved my character!!!!:o

saeniel August 1, 2019 23:13

Where did you get android version of Angband?

Pete Mack August 1, 2019 23:22

It used to be available at the Google Play Store but no longer, so if you dont already have it installed, you're out of luck.

Sky August 1, 2019 23:53

well you *could* upload here the APK

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