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Grotug January 17, 2017 14:04

High-Elf Warrior
Now this is the business. 4.3 blows/round at the start. +80 melee, +80 shoot. And reasonable magic devices skill unlike Half-Troll Warrior. And the superior start means I can kill anything and everything, thus fully compensating for the lousy XP mod.

Keep dying stupidly, though. This game I have 2 wands of TO at DL21 (8,000 turns). So maybe I should play carefully. Couple games ago I had an early wand of TO and had 5 other metal objects in my possession (not counting multiples of same objects) and I begrudgingly TO'd away a storm giant. I did not TO away a young blue dragon. I did not. Why would I waste a charge (only 4 left) on a young blue dragon? Honestly, who does that? The dragon breathes lightning, your wand of TO is destroyed! Okay, seriously? What the poop. I believe he was injured, too, so his lightning damage woulda been pretty pathetic. I died shortly after to what I don't recall. When bad luck strikes, I have a hard time playing smart thereafter.

Grotug January 17, 2017 15:31

Yay, dropped the wrong weapon several levels ago (westerness of FrAct) and never find other FrAct and then died to paralysis on DL31 on a 9-9 level after teleporting away Saruman. YASD.

Sky January 17, 2017 15:39

Ha ha.

But seriously i have lost 2 rods in my whole career - that i know of.
And yeah, westernesse + Fa is what i rocked when i cleared a greater vault (arrow) at DL37.
Which earned me a randart sword with NO slays or brands, and the Phial.

Edit: duh. Didnt realize he said wand, not rod. Wands and staves are 2x1, buy 2 for every 1 you want to use.

Grotug January 17, 2017 15:45

If I could program I would make ID on walk over of every type of object @ knows. So if @ walks over a good weapon and has already ID'd good weapons of that sort before then he immediately knows what it is upon walking over it. This pick up {more} rest rest rest drop {more} pick up {more} gets old fast and leads to rushing because, you know, 90% of what monsters drop are weapons, so @ spends most of his time picking up and dropping junk weapons, and of course since I play this game too much it leads to carelessness and continually dropping the good weapon and keeping the bad one.

I know I can inscribe my weapons with !d!v!k but I tend not to unless a weapon is really good (I wasn't really planning on needing the weapon long since usually I get FrAct somewhere else and I had picked up Azgha-something-or-other (main gauche of Glaurung's bane).

Losing the TO happened in another game not long ago as well that I complained about. It takes a lot of lightning strikes to destroy metal objects in @'s inventory.

EDIT: Also would be nice to have a more sophisticated {more} system. If a monster deals less than 5% damage skip the {more} prompt for his action. When activating Cammithrim why do we need two {more} prompts? I get around this by inscribing it with @2 and making a hot key: A2'[space][space]$

Pete Mack January 17, 2017 16:11

This problem is solved in development, with rune-ID. Once you've IDed a rune, you recognize it in every further item that has it on walk-over (and sometimes on detection.)

Grotug January 17, 2017 21:16

I'm sorry, I don't really understand Pete. How do I implement this feature in my game?

I'm beginning to think wands of TO are native to DL20s. Just found another one at 1100' on my latest careless HE-Warrior.

Derakon January 17, 2017 21:38


Originally Posted by Grotug (Post 117387)
I'm sorry, I don't really understand Pete. How do I implement this feature in my game?

It'd be a ton of work for you to implement it, but Pete's saying it's already been implemented, thanks to the efforts of Nick, the other developers (including Pete), and many playtesters. You just need to be playing a different version of the game. You can download the so-called "nightly builds" here.

Pete Mack January 17, 2017 21:52

1. Install MinGW
2. Pull the git repository at
3. Compile

Grotug January 17, 2017 22:14

Okay, thanks guys. I may attempt this.

Another wand of TO one level down on another level 6 feeling level (though I think wands of TO make for level 3 feeling at DL23, not 6, so we'll see what else I find [found Dagmor on last level with the wand of TO]).

Okay, I really need to not die stupidly this game.

Grotug January 19, 2017 04:26

Decided to try a run with Randarts. Found a {special} gloves. Get ready for it: <+2> DEX! Wow, that sure is special! I'm pretty sure all {special} items have to have something that distinguishes them from non-artifact items, even if it's something gimmicky like a magic missile activation. But these gloves should have at the very least had FrAct. They didn't even include one basic resist.

Also interesting, after finding a defender weapon and buying gloves of power in the shop, I held onto the FrAct gloves in my player inventory just in case (already damaged at [1,-1]. Well, got hit with more acid and my gloves of FrAct got damaged, so now they are [1,-2]. Didn't know net negative AC was possible . (Though one recent game I found two =reckless attacks early and was bombing around with -17 AC, but that's a different thing).

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