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tangar March 30, 2020 23:01

Angband variants table
To understand Angband variants (to 'feel' this phenomenon) and to find interesting ideas for my variant, I've started research at different web-resources (Roguebasin, oook, The Angband Variant Repository). It's great websites, but as there are so many variants - I thought it will be fun to bring all needed information and links to _one_ web-page; so you do not need to walk through hundreds of hyperlinks to get all basic information about variants. So I've combined all these sources under one table at my website:

There are only two fields - name (with the link to source) and description; so you could read everything without clicking around while drinking a cup of tea :)

It's a draft for now, but I'll maintain it and will make it up-to-date in time ;)

Nick March 30, 2020 23:34

FAangbandCE is just the Windows CE port of FAangband, there is no need for a separate entry.

tangar March 31, 2020 21:09

Thanks, fixed :)

Gwarl April 1, 2020 00:04

You could add your descriptions to the wiki here:

tangar April 2, 2020 09:33

Thanks, but for now I'm using old wiki @ roguebasin :) But it's cool that you are making an alternative. Roguebasin got nice variant's table: ; thought it requires a lot of clicking over links to read basics about variants (that's why I've started my table; for lazy people like me, to read from 1 page).

Btw is finally accessible in Russia! I'll make streams soon ;) I've added link to at

GrimaTheBold April 3, 2020 20:47

I was really, really curious what Cumband was, then I realized it actually was Gumband. That's an interesting font you've chosen...

tangar April 3, 2020 20:58

Thanks for a feedback ;) I didn't had such trouble.. and table is sorted in alphabetical order so it's quite hard to misunderstand C and G anyway :rolleyes:

Cumband is a nice name for a variant, anyway.. :D

Thraalbee April 4, 2020 08:16


Ingwe Ingweron April 4, 2020 19:47


Originally Posted by Thraalbee (Post 144161)

Yes!!!! :D

tangar April 4, 2020 22:00

Thanks :) It's outdated; I didn't include even my variant yet. At next week I'll update table and make it up-to-date, including all variants ever ;)

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