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ehertlein April 27, 2009 17:29

Least Favorite Monster
What is your least favorite monster in the game?

For me any sort of ooze or jelly is really got to be at the top of the list. When I see those things I just turn the other way. I can't stand them. Most of them reduce my stats or destroy my armor and leave me with nothing! GRRR stupid oozes.

ElectricPaladin April 27, 2009 19:46

In general, anything that wrecks my equipment. It just gets tedious, dragging my ass back up to the town and replacing everything after every level, hoping against hope for another piece of armor that can't be harmed by the elements, and wearing fifteen armors of Resist Acid (in addition to one armor of Elvenkind or Resistance) just because I won't have to replace it.

Especially Water Hounds. God, I hate Water Hounds.

The other Hounds are kind of stylish. I mean, Dark and Light are actually kind of scary to fight. But Water Hounds piss me off.

Marble Dice April 27, 2009 21:48

Where do I start?

Ochre jellies and Acidic cytoplasm
Fire, Water, Air, Nexus, Gravity, Inertia, Time, and Ethereal hounds
Magic mushroom patches
Umber hulks
All Quylthulgs
Drolems and AMHD
Dreads, Dreadmasters, and Dreadlords
Ethereal dragons
Black reavers

I could never pick just one. Some of these enemies I'll still avoid at level 50, some of them I eventually out-grow. I never mess with molds or jellies but they don't mess with me so we're cool. Ochre jellies make my list because they're the only 'j' with jelly in their name that moves.

Magnate April 27, 2009 21:55

What he said. Hounds, mobile jellies and magic mushroom patches. Argh.

Zikke April 27, 2009 22:04

Time hounds.

oh, and Time hounds.

Donald Jonker April 27, 2009 22:05

Hill Orcs. BORING Black orcs better.

...and water hounds in NPP.

buzzkill April 27, 2009 22:09

What? I'm going to have to be the one to say it, huh. Death Mold .

I've only ever encountered a couple of these (which is a pretty good indication of how good of a player I am).

I still remember the first time... I just walked right up to it... thinking... after all, I'm obviously very powerful... and... it's only a mold.

Donald Jonker April 27, 2009 22:15


Originally Posted by buzzkill (Post 18297)
What? I'm going to have to be the one to say it, huh. Death Mold .

I've only ever been killed by one once: one of those teleport-with-one-hp-and-land-next-to-whatever deaths. They just sound so scary that I've never gone anywhere near one.

Zikke April 27, 2009 22:24

I use them as a gauge of how prepared for end-game nasties I am. If I can safely melee Death Molds then I have rDisenchant and HoldLife which are usually two of my last resists, unfortunately.

After that they're easy.

PowerDiver April 27, 2009 22:28


Originally Posted by Zikke (Post 18295)
Time hounds.

oh, and Time hounds.

Oh, so close! My answer is

Time hounds.

oh, and Time vortices. :)

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